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UUMA Dues Structure, Discounts, and Waivers


The UUMA continues to review the dues structure seeking to address the concerns and realities of a sliding dues scale while still presenting a balanced budget to ensure we have the resources to continue to live into our vision of a stronger, more effective association. In the 2015 fiscal year the UUMA began to move its membership period to match the fiscal year (July 1—June 30). Thank you to all who renewed their membership over the summer! A reminder that because of the realities of our accounting systems all dues will be payable beginning July 1 and must be paid by October 1 to retain membership.


The renewal process is dependent upon your profile containing correct information regarding your Salary & Housing and Ministry Setting. Please make sure your profile is up to date. You will be given an opportunity to update your profile at the start of the process. Installments (10 payments spread evenly between the day you renew and June 30) and Automatic Renewals (to process on July 1) are both available. If you wish to prepay your FY17 dues please contact Janette Lallier (

While we acknowledge that there is no system that will be 100% equitable across all income levels we hope you will see that the spirit of this structure is intended to level the field as much as possible. Please remember that waivers are available for those unable to pay the minimum; we especially encourage those of you who are making less than $25,000 a year to consider asking for a full waiver. Waivers must be requested by October 15, 2016. Although the chart does not extend past $100K, those making an income beyond that are welcome to pay 1.0% (0.5%) of their income.

A special note to members earning Canadian dollars: when going through the renewal process please first convert your Salary & Housing into US dollars so that you will be paying on the same scale as others.

Membership Categories:

  • Regular: Parish. Members whose ministry is primarily in the parish: See chart
  • Regular: Community. Members whose ministry is primarily in the community. See chart
  • Regular: Retired. Members who have retired from full time ministry through the MFC but plan to continue to work (in either a parish or community setting): See chart
  • Candidate: Candidates for the Ministry (as approved by UUA): $75
  • Life Members: Members who have retired from full time ministry through the MFC and do not plan to seek employment : $0 (Contributions Welcome)

Additional Renewal Categories: 

  • One-Time Temporary Financial Hardship: $225 (p) / $113 (c)
  • Full Waiver with Supporting Documents: $0


A special note to members earning Canadian dollars: when going through the renewal process please first convert your Salary & Housing into US dollars so that you will be paying on the same scale as other.


2016-2017 Renewal Chart (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017)

Salary Range: Your S&H (income) is between

Parish Based 

Retired (.75%)


Community: Retired (.025%)


$ 25,000.00





$ 25,001.00

$ 30,000.00





$ 30,001.00

$ 35,000.00





$ 35,001.00

$ 40,000.00





$ 40,001.00

$ 45,000.00





$ 45,001.00

$ 50,000.00





$ 50,001.00

$ 55,000.00





$ 55,001.00

$ 60,000.00





$ 60,001.00

$ 65,000.00





$ 65,001.00

$ 70,000.00





$ 70,001.00

$ 75,000.00





$ 75,001.00

$ 80,000.00





$ 80,001.00

$ 85,000.00





$ 85,001.00

$ 90,000.00





$ 90,001.00

$ 95,000.00





$ 95,001.00

$ 100,000.00





$ 100,001.00

and up





* Community based ministers and those serving outside the US/Canada

Changes to the Discount Code Structure:



Because the dues structure takes into account the different financial obligations and level of services offered for community ministers many of the previous discount codes have been discontinued. We have retained the top six discount codes in acknowledgement that many members—parish and community based—continue to have additional organizations that are necessary to their ministry. If you belong to one of the following organization and it is necessary to your ministry, you may use a discount code to deduct a portion of your dues. Associations are assigned codes based on their dues amount. One code is allowed per membership. If applying this code to your membership brings your dues amount below the minimum you are requested to pay the minimum.

Promo Code
American Academy of Religion
Assoc. for Clinical Pastoral Education
Assoc. of Professional Chaplains
Liberal Religious Educators Assoc.
Interim Ministry Network / Guild
UU Society for Community Ministries


Salary & Housing: As reflected on US IRS Form W-2: Boxes 1 (Salary) and 14 (Housing) or equivalent.  (Feel free to subtract the FICA match if you receive that for social security.)

Necessary Organization: A membership in another organization which your employer generally expects or requires you to maintain to keep your position.

How to request a Full Waiver:

Members experiencing extreme financial hardship or full disability may request a full waiver of dues. Application for a waiver must be made annually as specified by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, at its discretion, may determine additional procedures for the waiver or reduction of dues for international members serving outside North America. Any dispute over the amount of dues payable shall be finally determined by the Treasurer.

To apply for a full waiver please forward the following documentation to the UUMA Director of Administration at

Full Disability: Documentation from the Social Security Department of your disability status. If you have retired due to disability and have notified the MFC of your retirement you may wish to apply for life membership. Contact for more information.

Extreme Financial Hardship: A copy of the first two pages of your most recent IRS Form 1040 or a detailed description of income.

Canadian Members are asked to submit the equivalent Canadian tax return.

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