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From the Associate Executive Director
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Even as I’m focusing my attention on preparing for Ministry Days and General Assembly in just a few weeks, I’m mindful that many of you will not be with us in person.  If that includes you, consider this a little window into what you might have found when you stopped by the UUMA booth to learn more about how we are supporting ministries from beginning to end.

Continental implementation of the Ministerial Formation Network is underway!  In partnership with the UUA, we are making a significant commitment to nurturing the flourishing of our ministry for future generations. The MFN promises discernment support, supplemental education and collegiality to all eligible aspirant and candidates for our ministry no matter where they live. We have learned a lot from the pilot of the program this year and feel confident that this program will be deeply rewarding for all who participate. If you would like to learn more or sign up to be a minister volunteer or participant in the program, please click here.

We are excited to be expanding our peer clergy coaching program. For several years now, coaches and coachees have found this program a valuable way to deepen in ministry. We hope to make peer coaching more accessible to more people by adding a second type of coaching to the program, streamlining the written application and eliminating the deadline to apply. In addition to our traditional coaching program which offers coaching roughly once per month over the course of a year, we are adding fast track coaching to our program. Participants in fast track coaching will meet with their coach every other week for four to six weeks. To learn more about the changes and how you might benefit from peer coaching, please click here. 

Plans are underway for the third in our Beyond the Call continuing education program. The next BTC intensive will be focused on deepening prophetic ministry. I am grateful to be working with an experienced, skilled, creative, multi-cultural and multi-racial design team who is working hard to create something special. Participants in BTC3 will join in creating a collaborative learning environment that understands and mobilizes the power of identity and story. Participants will build courage and spiritual muscle by practicing taking risks together, and develop a power analysis and practical theology of social change. Many more details will be posted with the application later this summer. 

If you have questions about any of these programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I would love to talk with you about how we can support your ministry.

In faith,



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