Grounded in Resilience, Called to the Storm
~Kurt Kuhlwald & Mark Hicks

(Location: Daisy)
We are entering, ever deeper, into perilous and extraordinary times. The future of the human project is being threatened as never before. What do we need to deal with the compounding complexities of the growing global storm? How do we develop and act from an ecojustice consciousness sensitive to complexity and inclusive at its heart-root? How do we culture a comprehensive ecological justice into our ministries and into UUism? What particular roles are we, as ministers, called to in these times?

Interim Ministry: What’s It All About, and Why Should We Care?
~Maureen Killoran

(Location: Sunflower)
What IS " accredited interim ministry” anyway? What part does interim ministry play in the broader pattern of our UU min- istry? How do interim ministers relate to settled ministers? To their recently departed predecessor? Even more curiously, what do accredited interim ministers hope for from their settled colleagues? Join several Accredited Interim Ministers to learn how they see their work, and have them respond to your questions or concerns.

Building Faithful Global Ministries
Eric Cherry & Jill McAllister

(Location: Dogwood)
As excitement and opportunities for UU congregations to build global ministries expand, it's important to make the most of the networks and experience that exist between us. This workshop will describe best practices and resources for UU global ministries, and examples of how it has been done well.

Been in the Storm?
Fred Wooden

(Location: Holly)
Tough times are inevitable, but talking about them is hard. ThIs is a place for those who have a 'purple heart' in ministry to meet and share and sustain each other. Your convenor has had plenty and still thrives after thirty years.

Making Me Crazy
Deborah J Pope-Lance

(Location: Lilly)
Ministry where there is a history of misconduct or boundary violations is unusually stressful and challenging. This opportunity is for pastors to reflect on these crazy making ministries, to consider common dynamics and difficulties, and to share strategies and resources that help us serve and survive well.