Conversation about Final Recommended Guideline Changes on Sexual Ethics
~Helen Carroll, Fred Muir and Bill Hamilton-Holway

(Location: Willow)
Join the co-chairs of our UUMA Guidelines Committee to discuss the changes we will be voting on at our annual meeting. Learn about the feedback the committee received from our members over the past year, ask your questions, share your curiosities or concerns in preparation the meeting and beyond.

Beyond 'Who Are Our Neighbors?
~UUMA Committee on Anti-Racism and Multiculturalism

(Location: Holly)
Over the past two years, the UUMA Committee for Antiracism and Multiculturalism has put the bulk of its energy and resources into designing the Who Are Our Neighbors? workshop for colleagues. Now that WAON has launched, it's time to start looking towards the future. Please come and share your ideas about where the Committee for Antiracism and Multiculturalism ought to be focusing its energy in the next few years.

Retirement as Extreme Sport
~Dick Gilbert, Jim Eller and members of the UUMA Retired Ministers Task Force

(Location: Poplar)

In the midst of a busy ministry few of us take the time to look at retirement. It is like the Chinese blessing – danger and opportunity. It is a financial, emotional and spiritual adventure.

Excellence in Shared Ministry Practices

(Location: Walnut)
The UUMA/LREDA and UUMN charged a joint task force last year to identify our most urgent shared professional development needs and recommend best practices, models and strategies for team learning and to nurture and sustain excellence in professional ministry. The task force met with many of our members and presented their final report to our organizations’ boards and the UUA in April. Come learn about the report and hear how we hope to implement it.

Fulfilling the Call: A Framework for UU Ministry in the 21 Century
~Cheryl M. Walker and Sarah Lammert

(Location: Daisy)
Join us to learn more about this amazing tool for assessing the state of your ministerial development jointly developed by the UUA and UUMA. This tool can be used in a number of ways. You can use it to map out a plan for your continuing education, educate your lay or institutional leaders about the complexity of ministry, or help you mentor a newer colleague. Each area of ministry is laid out in four stages: basic competence, approaching proficiency, proficient, and expert. Each of us will find ourselves in different places along these continuums. Come explore this tool and share your thoughts.

Partnering For Excellence in Community Ministry: Report from the UUMA-UUSCM Task Force
~Alan Taylor, Michelle Walsh, Cathleen Cox

(Location: Violet)
Responding to the ever-expanding role of community ministry in our movement, the UUMA and UUSCM (UU Society for Community Ministries) convened a joint Task Force last year to explore supporting excellence in community ministry through many facets of possi- ble collaboration: between our two professional organizations, between parish and community ministers, between ordained and lay leaders. Months of planning culminated in a rich, Alban Institute facilitated three day consultation in Seattle and an extensive report of enthusiastically supported joint recommendations. Learn about some of our ideas for moving forward - together!

The UUA Health Plan and Retirement Plans: The Changing Landscape in 2014
~Richard Nugent

(Location: Maple)
In January 2014, the landscape for congregational-provided benefits is likely to change with implementation of state-based insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and likely changes to the UUA Retirement Plan. What will these changes mean for you and your staff? In addition, the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances is planning a thorough review of our "fair compensation” methodology and guidelines while instituting an annual congregational staffing report.

Mentoring and Coaching - What’s Different, What’s New?
~Jennifer Channin and Aaron McEmrys

(Location: Sunflower)
Do you know the differences between mentoring and coaching? Do you wonder what new opportunities are on the horizon be mentored by colleagues, or to train to become a mentor? Are you interested in getting coached in a specific aspect of ministry that you feel "stuck" in? The UUMA has been developing its Mentoring program (in partnership with the UUA) and its Coaching program to meet the varied needs of our members for collegial support and professional development at all stages in our ministries. Join us to learn about how these methods can help you grow into your vocation and address the goals and challenges of your career.

Good Offices - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
~Hope Johnson & Fritz Hudson

(Location: Dogwood)
Join our incoming and outgoing Continental Good Officers to learn about the state of our Good Offices program and where we plan on going next. What can we do to strengthen our advocacy and support for ministers and how might we collaborate with our brother and sister professional organizations to nurture excellence in shared minis- try?

Conversation with Rev. Lillian Daniel
(Location: Lilly)
You are invited to continue the conversation with our morning keynote speaker. Ask more questions about the presentation, delve deeper into the topics of her book and hear what your colleagues are curious about as well.

The Ripple Effect of Being Well
~Alicia Forde, Don Southworth

(Location: Cochran Ballroom)
The demands of ministry are wondrous, bountiful and let's be honest: at times depleting. There isn't enough time in the day to wrestle with the internet, update Facebook, quell budding tensions, and attend to those in need of spiritual care...much less tend to our own bodies, spirits, and wellness. As a part of a new initiative, the UUMA and UUA have partnered to create a comprehensive health and wellness offering for clergy. In this session, we’ll share more about the basics of the initiative, the creative thinking that has informed our design, and invite you to partner with us on making it a success. (Applicants for the pilot program must attend this conversation.)

Hear the Call. Embrace the vision. Lead from the Heart
~UUMA Nominating Committee

(Location: Rose Tulip, Enter through Fountain)
Do you long for deeper collegial connections? An opportunity to influence the future of our ministry? The UUMA Nominating Committee believes that every member has leadership skills to share at the continental level. This Collegial Conversation will be an opportunity for you to explore with us what your particular contribution might be to our professional association.