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Your Monthly News & Updates
From the Associate Executive Director
Melissa Carvill Ziemer

The early 1980's. That is when, David Pettee tells me, he can find the earliest reference in the MFC minutes to a desire for a robust formation support program for people preparing for the UU ministry. I am very excited to tell you that the time for launching such a program has finally come! Beginning on May 1, we are accepting enrollments in the new Ministerial Formation Network, which is a collaboration between the UUA and UUMA and which has been created with input from many leaders.We have been piloting the program this year and have recently made several changes to the design, which we believe will make the program even better.

The MFN is designed to provide formation support to people preparing for the Unitarian Universalist ministry from aspirant status through preliminary fellowship. Aspirants and candidates who enroll in the program will each be offered three critical types of support: discernment support, collegiality and supplemental education....Read More
From the Executive Director
Don Southworth
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for the hundreds of emails, phone calls and texts you have shared with me since last month's e-update. My letters on leadership and to the UUA Board of Trustees have triggered much feedback. Whether your words have been supportive, angry, confused or caring I am doing my best to receive all of them with an open heart and listening ear. I am looking forward to meeting with the UUMA Board of Trustees for the first time since Easter on Monday May 1. I suspect there may be more to say after that.
I hope you have read Melissa's column and are planning on acting NOW. The Ministerial Formation Network is the most ambitious program we have ever considered and the only way it will be a success is if many of you get involved. The future of our faith, or at least our ministry, will thank you for years to come.
New to the UUMA Orientation Webinar

May 18, 2017 at 3:30 PM EST

Our first ever New to the UUMA Welcome Webinar on Thursday May 18 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm EST.If you joined the UUMA in the past year, please attend this webinar to receive a personal welcome from us, connect with other new members and learn a little bit more about how the UUMA can support you in your ministries.Your hosts will be Neal Anderson, from the UUMA's Collegial Development Team and Melissa Carvill Ziemer, the UUMA Associate Executive Director. Click here to register and receive call-in information.
Ministry Days 2017: Early Registration Ends Sunday April 30

Ministry Days events will be held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.The early registration (and financial incentives) ends April 30.Act Now!!

Here are some helpful links to get you started:
A note on Programming:
Given recent events the UUMA Board and Ministry Days planning team is reviewing the Ministry Days programming. Please watch your email andwww.uuma.orgfor updates.
Off-site Registration:
If you are not able to attend the 2017 Ministry Days in New Orleans we areonce again offer live streaming. If you wish to participate remotely register here so that we can keep you informed of any news or happenings.Livestream of Ministry Days is free to all members. During registration you will have the opportunity to make a contribution to off-set the cost of Live streaming. We greatly appreciate your support.

Community Engagement Opportunities:
This year the UUMA Board of Trustees, in partnership with theCenter for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, is arranging opportunities for engagement in the community beyond the convention center and hotels during Ministry Days. Click here to register. The three opportunities include:
Justice and Beyond:June 19 4:45-7:00 pm at Christian Unity Baptist Church
Pre-Ministry Days Monday evening visit to "Justice and Beyond," a local coalition of faith leaders, non-profit workers, and activists organizing around issues of importance to New Orleans's community - especially the black community. A buffet of chicken, red beans and rice is prelude to a lively, passionate session of discussion and planning.There is room for up to50 UUMA membersto attend and bear witness as this innovative coalition conducts its work. Transportation provided. For a recent article on Justice and Beyond,click here

Harry Thompson Center:June 20th from noon to 2:00
Visit the Harry Thompson Center to participate in its unique ministry to homeless people. There is room for up to6 UUMA membersto attend. Transportation provided.Click herefor more information on the Harry Thompson Center.

A Community Voice:June 20th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm
UUMA members are invited to engage in community organizing with A Community Voice. ACV works with low and moderate-income families to create social and economic justice in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Participants will learn about ACV's current campaigns and then venture out into the community to help organize. There is room forup to 200 UUMA membersto participate. Transportation provided.Click herefor more information on A Community Voice.
State of the Ministry Webinar
The State of the Ministry webinar scheduled for May 2 hosted by Don Southworth and Sarah Lammert from the UUA has been canceled due to Sarah's new responsibilities at the UUA. We hope to reschedule the webinar in the fall.
2017 Berry Street Essay
The Ministerial Conference at Berry Street Executive Committee announces that the 2017 essayist, Sofia Betancourt, has had to step down due to her new role as Co-President of the UUA.We are committed to our Mission to bring matters of importance to colleagues about the state of our professional association, and our mutual pursuit of the mission of Unitarian Universalism. Therefore, we are offering a five-member panel, with Kristen Harper, Mel Hoover, Marta Valentín, Adam Robersmith and Ashley Horan. Please join us for this unprecedented Ministerial Conference at Berry Street, 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

Kate Walker, Scribe
Barbara Coeyman
Mark Morrison-Reed
Mitra Rahnema
2016 Berry Street Essay

Beloved Colleagues,

We are writing to share that modifications have been made to Rev. Gail Seavey's Berry Street Essay,If Our Secrets Define Us,delivered on June 22, 2016. These modifications do not change the meaning of Rev. Seavey's message, nor diminish the impact it has had and will continue to have upon our professional association.
There will be some redactions from the original Essay and the following statement will be placed at the beginning of both the written and video presentations:
The following Berry Street Essay has been edited by agreement. The editing is reflected below where "[REDACTED]" is indicated. The editing was done by agreement because a person claimed they were described inaccurately. To avoid any disputes, and without any party changing their personally held views, the person and all parties related to the authorship or publication of the Berry Street Essay agreed to the editing and redactions. With the redactions, all parties agree that this edited Berry Street Essay may be used by any party for any purpose.
Weknow many of you are receiving this information withdeepemotion.Weaffirm your reactions and share them.Yet,we also know the work to which we are committed, of continuing to put light into the darkest parts of our history so that all our members and lay leaders may live their lives with love and trust, is of the utmost importance for our largerfaith.

We will continue to offer relevant and challenging essays delivered by colleagues who hold to our highest standards.

Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Scribe of Ministerial Conference at Berry Street
Rev. Cheryl M. Walker, President, UUMA Board of Trustees
Rev. Gail Seavey,2016 Essayist
UUMA Connect April: Future of Our Faith

May's UUMA Connect Duties of Ministry theme is the future of our faith.Join Brock Leach and former UUMA Intern Emily DeTar Birt from the Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry program as they offer some tidbits from the program that will help anyone bring innovation to their current and future ministries.The webinar will be held on May 24 from 3-4pm EDT.Register here
UUMA Seeking Office Assistant

It is with a sadness and great gratitude for her service that we announce that our Office Assistant, the Rev. Dr. Michelle Pederson, has announced that she hasaccepted a full-time Chaplain Residency position with Baptist Health in Louisville, Kentucky to begin this fall.

The position is half time and will be open beginning this August. We will announce the search time line in a future UUMA publication. If you know of someone who would be interested in the position please contact Janette Lallier for more information.
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Rev. Don Southworth,
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