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E-Update: September 2016
Your Monthly News & Updates
From the Executive Director
It's hard to believe but twenty years ago this week I started seminary. I had been a Unitarian Universalist for less than two years when I walked into Starr King that Monday morning. My family was living at my mother-in-law's since we hadn't found a place to live, my kids were grumbling about this new life they didn't chose and my wife, while being supportive, made it clear she hadn't signed up to be a minister's wife. In the afternoon, as I began to get to know some of the people who would share the seminary and ministry journey with me, the realities of my new life really started to set in. I turned to one of my classmates who had a similar 'deer in the headlights' look I imagined I had, and said, "What the #@"?## are we doing here?"
Most days now I know what I am doing here. I have been part of this tribe of people who have chosen to give their lives in service to something larger than ourselves for more than a third of my life. When I sit back and reflect on the last twenty years and realize that I'm lucky enough to be able to lead the organization that serves, supports and, hopefully, occasionally inspires those who sometimes wonder how they got here too, I am extremely grateful and more.
Sustaining the Call
Greetings Dear Colleagues,

It has been a privilege to serve you as the UUMA Endowment Director. Twenty-one months ago, I agreed to serve for 18 months to support the Sustaining the Call Campaign. Don and I agreed to extend the agreement through the first quarter of this fiscal year so that I can support a smooth transition into the second phase of the campaign. This next phase will tie in heavily with the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign, a collaborative campaign of involving the UUMA, the UUA, Starr King School, Meadville Lombard, the UUSC, and CLM. Such an exciting joint venture that will serve all of Unitarian Universalism for decades if not centuries! Leaders from each organization will be meeting together in Boston in September and there will be much news to share with you about the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign soon. I will be leaving the position of Endowment Director at the end of September to pursue my heart's calling of providing spiritual direction and small group spiritual leadership.

I've had a unique vantage point into the UUMA as the Endowment Director and I wanted to take this ending as an opportunity to share brief reflections. When we ask people to give of their financial resources, we are entering sacred space. In this space, people share stories of how they have been supported by the organization, they name what's important to them, and they articulate their hopes for the future. Here are messages that lay at the heart of your stories:Your colleagues have launched, saved, and nurtured your lives in ministry. You value the ministries of your colleagues and want all our ministries to be healthy and strong. You believe that the future of our faith rest in large part on the excellence of our spiritual leadership.For all these reasons, you chose to support the ministries of today and tomorrow bygiving to the UUMA Endowment fund.

My great hope is that you will continue to find opportunities to give to this important fund. Most especially in the coming months and years, I hope you will engage in the spiritual work of legacy giving, both your own and those of the congregants many of you serve. Your life will have an impact long after you are gone. Legacy giving can be a heart-expanding part of the way of blessing the world. It will also bless your life.

Your colleague,
Rev. Dr. Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
UUMA Endowment Director
UUMA Connect September: Preaching & Worship Arts
September is Worship and Preaching Month on
UUMA Connect. Connect will be the place for learning and sharing information with your colleagues about Worship and Preaching.Register and Tune in for Rev. Erika Hewitt's webinar on Worship Web onSeptember 8,4-6 PM EDT. Registration is limited -click hereto register today.Tom Schade kicks off a discussion of the Purpose of Congregational Worship on the ConnectBlog.Other blog entries by colleagues during the month will share experiences on Extemporaneous Preaching and compare the different Theme ministry systems in use.Wiki's (Crowd-sourcedresources) will be started on Worship Committees, special services,multi-generationalworship planning, and other subjects. Remember any member of UUMA can start awiki-pageon any subject on which they think we should collect and record our collegial wisdom.Next month:October will be Spiritual Development month on UUMA Connect.
Chapters are welcome to 'adopt' a monthly theme by contacting the Connect leaders
Where Leads Our Call - Time to Find Out

Our third UUMA-wide conversation, Where Leads Our Call?, is being presented to a chapter or cluster near you. More than one-third of our chapters have taken part in Module One,Call and Excellence,and will be scheduling Module Two,Call and Accountability,soon. If your chapter or region has not scheduled Module One yet, please do so ASAP so we can ensure we have presenters available to be with you. If you have questions and to schedule a module please contactDon Southworth.
Update on Ministerial Formation Network
Over the summer the coordinating team has been meeting to make plans for the first stages of the Ministerial Formation Network (MFN). The MFN is a new program designed to offer support and guidance to those preparing for Unitarian Universalist ministry. You can find more information about the programhere. We will be starting five to seven pilots around the continent later this fall to test how we can offer discernment support, training/education and collegiality to aspirants and candidates. If all goes as planned we expect to roll out the program to all UUMA members who are eligible in 2017. If you have any questions about the program you can contactDonuntilOctober 1, when our new Associate Executive Director, Melissa CarvillZiemer, joins the staff.
What do you think of the proposed social media guidelines?
Check out the proposal on the UUMA websitehere, and click on the 2016-17 study guide link.
Have we captured the issues that most concern you? Are these the most useful questions? Organize a conversation in your cluster, study group or chapter, and send us your feedback byFebruary 1, 2017. OR participate in an online Zoom conversation with the committee. Watch for dates in upcoming UUMA e-updates.
Feedback, questions or concerns? Contact us
The 2018 Institute for Excellence in Ministry - Coming Soon!
January 22-26, 2018will be here before you know it and we're counting on you to be with us - and 600 or so of our friends - at the Innsbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. A golf resort? Yes, a very special golf resort unlike almost anything we've ever seen.Click the video to the right for an invitation from our CENTER team and to hear about Shelia Johnson, the owner of Innisbrook, who represents many of the virtues we extol as a UUMA. Thank you to those who submitted ideas for speakers and topics; we are overwhelmed with outstanding choices. We will be finalizing the difficult task of selecting our speaker line up in the next month and look for details on who will be with us in the coming months. Registration will open onDecember 1so you'll have the opportunity to pay registration over a couple of years.
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