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Your Monthly News & Updates
From the Executive Director

This is my eighth week in a row of being on the road somewhere doing UUMA business - only four more until I get a full week home. I love my job and I love the travel but when I sit down to share a few words each month, the whirlwind of my travels make it difficult to choose what to tell you about. Almost every meeting or visit I make leads to exciting conversations about the future of our ministry and our faith. It's hard to know what to share. Should I tell you about the exciting new goals/strategic plan our Committee on Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism worked on in Chicago, or should I write about our plans for the new Ministerial Formation Network or Wake Now Our Vision legacy challenge campaign and how those will, hopefully, transform the future or should I go on about the amazingspeakers who were at the last Beyond the Call - Entrepreneurial Ministry program intensive at Babson College outside of Boston?

Last night as I was flying home from a visit with our Pacific Southwest Chapter colleagues to talk about the Peer to Peer Congregational Advisor they will be piloting in the next few months, I meditated on what I wanted to share this week. I was surprised by what came to more.
Sustaining the Call

Greetings Dear Colleagues,
Writing this e-news article is one of my last duties before I step away from the Endowment Director role here at the UUMA. What last words other than "Thank you" need to be said? Deeply grateful for the privilege of working for/with you these past 2 years, I offer this one final encouragement regarding stewardship: When the opportunity arises, lend a hand and raise your voice in support of the Legacy Challenge of the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign. This is a remarkable opportunity to simultaneously nurture the financial future of Unitarian Universalism and the financial future of the UU community you serve. Your support within your UU communities will make all the difference.
"Building up the 'we' together...Helping congregants see their faith as something larger than just their own congregation...Calling people into the larger community...A collaborative effort for the future of our faith"--these words by the newly appointed Legacy Campaign Director, Laura Randall, describe the heart of the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign-an unprecedented collaboration ...READ MORE
UUMA Connect October: Spiritual Development

. What's new and what's tried and true in the work of leading the spiritual development of our congregations? Connect will be where colleagues can learn together about this important work. Register and Tune-in for Rev. Phil Lund's webinar onOctober 12, 2016 at 2PM EDTto learn about Congregational Spiritual Direction.Click here to Register. (Space is limited and last month's Webinar with Rev. Erika Hewitt filled up.) Blogs on deck are on Congregational conversations about White Supremacy, On-Line Religious Education and Working Collaboratively with Religious Education Professionals. And Wiki's too. Last month, a few wiki's got started, but it is a new form of sharing collegial wisdom. Wiki's will be started on Best Practices for Newcomer Education, User Reviews of Curriculums, Experiences with Moving from Children's RE to Lifespan Faith Formation in congregations. Wiki's are a way for colleagues to share their experiences on Connect, where the accumulated knowledge will be permanent, revisable and searchable. When you share your wisdom on a Connect Wiki, it will become a resource for many new ministers in time.
Ministerial Formation Network
The Ministerial Formation Network Coordinating Team has been hard at work and we are looking forward to launching a pilot of the new Ministerial Formation Network next month. We will be offering the key components of discernment support, collegiality, and training and education to aspirants and candidates in up to seven chapters/identity groups. In addition to groups in the Canada, Mass Bay, Southeast and Florida UUMA chapters, we also hope to form groups of aspirants and candidates of color who participate in Finding Our Way Home, trans aspirants and candidates who are members of TRUUsT and geographically isolated aspirants and candidates in the middle two time zones of the United States. We have just finalized the job descriptions and leadership and participant applications and are sharing these widely with our selected chapters/groups. If you are a member of one of these chapters/groups, we hope you will take a look at the job descriptions and consider whether you are interested in applying to be a part of the pilot as a participant or a leader. Training will be offered for leaders in November and the aspirants and candidates will have their first meeting in December. We are confident we are going to learn a lot during this pilot and look forward to using what we learn to make the design of this new program even better.
Zoom Room Changes BeginningJan 1

We are so happy to hear how much you enjoy using the UUMA's Zoom Room. We want to let you know that given the success of the zoom room we need to make some changes. EffectiveJanuary 1we can no longer offer one room for all our members so we will be offering discounted prices for Zoom's pro membership.Right now we areencouragingall members to sign up for a free, basic account and to connect their account to the UUMA Zoom Team. Being part of the UUMA Zoom Team will give you access to special training opportunities and put in you line to receive a discounted pro account once available. If you have a basic account (or would like to get one) and want to be part of the UUMA Zoom Teamclick hereand complete the request form. Once we receive your form we will send a request through zoom to either help you sign up or to transfer your basic account to the team.
Chapter Leader Updates
The UUMA Board of Trustees will be meetingOct. 3-7in New Orleans. If you are a chapter leader look for an email the following week and an invitation to our twice a year conference call. If you are not a chapter leader check in with your leaders by the end of October to hear all that's going on (we have seven new initiatives/projects going on this year alone!) Our annual leadership retreat will be for chapter leaders in New Orleans onMonday June 19when our Collegial Development Team will introduce a new collegiality handbook.
The 2018 Institute for Excellence in Ministry - January 2018
The Institute planning team has the difficult task of selecting 8-10 seminars from the more than twenty outstanding possibilities we have received. We expect to announce the seminars by early November and open registration onDecember 1, 2016. The Institute will be held at the Innisbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor, FLJanuary 22-26, 2018
. Speakers who have already committed include Ysaye Barnwell, Mark Hicks, Rosemary Bray-McNatt, Sofia Betancourt and Traci Blackmon. We are welcoming Barnwell back to her second institute (she was with us at our first one in 2011). If you have not seen her work in awhile enjoy this Ted X talk she gave last year.
Program Updates

We have a lot going on in the year ahead. Here's a short list of things that are being worked on and planned. Look for more information on details about all of these in future months and on our website. Ministerial Formation Network - pilot programs begin in December. New task forces are being formed on how we can do better with multiple-minister staff teams and how to better support minister/seminarian families. The Peer to Peer Congregational Advisor pilot (a way for colleagues to share strengths and challenges of congregations they have served/been involved with). A new way of creating/offering continuing education and collegiality programming to members at different phases of their ministry. Scheduling for Where Leads Our Call? modules one and two continues through the end of the calendar year. Good Officer Support Team webinars on "how tos" for situations that arrive with and between colleagues. And many more....
Changes Coming to Overtime Law

Did you know that the minimum salary level required for employees to be exempt from overtime pay is increasing to $913/week onDecember 1, potentially making some of your church staff newly overtime-eligible? Are you aware of recordkeeping requirements for exempt and nonexempt staff? What is the "job duties test" and when does the "ministerial exception" apply? And what about state law?

Yes, the Fair Labor Standards Act is a little complicated - so the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances (OCSF) has developed resources and webinars to help you understand the law, assess your compliance, and make needed adjustments. Check out the flyer, FAQ, Compliance Guide, and webinar schedule on the OCSFCompensation and Payrollpage.The Fair Labor Standards Act and our religious principles share the goal of justice for workers. Be a faithful employer - faithful to the law and to Unitarian Universalist values!

Jan Gartner, UUA Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager, welcomes your questions and concerns.
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