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E-Update: July 2016
Your Monthly News & Updates
From the Executive Director
July will come. As I told you last month this is the mantra we repeat in June as we do the intense work that comes with Ministry Days and GA. This June the phrase took on an even deeper meaning as we were assaulted by awfulness in the world and the heartbreak of losing too many colleagues and family members too soon. The day after the Orlando shootings I was on a zoom call with some of our leaders and I shared that I was losing hope for the world and it was a good thing I wasn't a preacher because I'm not sure I could offer any hope in these challenging days.
Thankfully that feeling was relatively short-lived as our time together at Ministry Days and General Assembly inspired and buoyed me as it usually does. Seeing so many of you, knowing that many more were joining us virtually around the world, has a way of making the long hours and hard work seem meaningful and even important. And for that I'm grateful.
Last month the Board of Trustees made two important additions to our mission and vision that seem relevant to the events in the world and our future.....Read Full Article
From the Board of Trustees
At Ministry Days in Columbus, members raised a variety of concerns about elements of our worship services. Many of these concerns related to ableism. After careful listening, the UUMA Board decided it was important to offer a public apology. We also said that the Board would work with the Executive Director to conduct an ableism audit in the coming year. I wrote and offered an initial statement of apology at the UUMA business meeting on June 22nd. The statement was then published with an addendum on the UUMA website on the 23rd (click here to read). While the overwhelming response from members was supportive and grateful, face-to-face and online reactions to our statement indicate that somemembers do not feel the Board was obligated to apologize, and they worry that an ableism audit is a slippery slope toward censorship. While we hear these latter concerns, the board stands by its apology and its decision to pursue an audit. We do not believe an audit is a path to censorship and would not pursue it if we thought it would result in censorship. Rather, we embrace an audit as a vehicle for all of us to become more familiar with best practices for welcoming, including and empowering our colleagues with disabilities.
Rev. Josh Pawelek
UUMA Trustee-At-Large
Farewell from Rev. Andrew Mertz, UUMA Program Assistant

At the end of July, I will be leaving the staff, then going on a honeymoon, followed by a self-funded sabbatical. After 12 straight years of professional lay and ordained ministry I discovered I was over-due for focused reflection and rejuvenation. Although the sabbatical is still taking shape, I feel called to study our larger faith as well as leadership development from a systems perspective. I would not be surprised if I reveal a need that matches my skills which can be turned into an entrepreneurial consulting ministry. Taking advantage of the expansion of my position into the new Assistant Executive Director position allowed me to take my sabbatical without major disruption to the UUMA.

As I reflect on my time at the UUMA I most recall the dedication of the volunteers who serve you in the leadership of this fine organization. It seems the more one knows what the UUMA is up to the more awe struck one becomes. There are many things the UUMA is, does, and is becoming that excite me. At the top of the list is the developing Ministerial Formation Network, congregational trip-advisor platform, and the current UUMA-Wide conversation, "Where Leads Our Call?" I leave the staff and volunteers with deep appreciation for their collegiality and collaboration. I believe the CENTER committee, Collegial Development Team, Coaches, and Lead Mentors will be served well by the incoming Associate Executive Director.
Sustaining the Call
Greetings Dear Colleagues,
The intensity of Ministry Days and GA is still coursing through my system. The unexpected deaths of Rev. Suzanne Marsh and of Rev. Christiane Heyde's daughter, the stark realities of ministerial misconduct in our collective past, Orlando, the Stanford rape-it's all so much to bear. What was also so alive and real to me in Columbus is that, when things are hard to bear, it is you colleagues who know how to wisely hold the complexity. You know how to stay present to the griefandto the beauty of this world-better than any other group of people I've encountered. Your ministerial association wants you to have all the resources you need to support you in holding all this complexity. It is hard not to despair and no one spiritual leader can hold this all alone. We need each other. We need each other's stories of breakthroughs in love and justice, we need collegial groups in which we can express the depth of our grief, we need each other's wisdom about what next step can be taken. One thing is clear: It's important for us to be together-in-person, on line, in small learning groups, and in worshipful gatherings. We are better when we have shared time together.

Many of you have made generous gifts to the UUMA's Sustaining the Call campaign and I am struck particularly hard this month by how deeply important and significant your generosity is. You are supporting diverse opportunities for collegiality, insuring that UUMA events are financially accessible for all UUMA members, and supporting our individual and collective continuing education, coaching, and mentoring. It matters so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With gratitude and blessings,
Rev. Dr. Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
Endowment Director
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Introducing the new UUMA Associate Executive Director
The UUMA Associate Executive Director Search Team (David Pettee, Claire Feingold-Thoryn, Cheryl M. Walker, Janette Lallier and Don Southworth) are thrilled to announce that the UUMA's first Associate Executive Director (AED) is theRev. Melissa CarvillZiemer. Melissa has been serving the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent (Ohio) for eleven years and brings a wealth of experience and skills to the position.She will begin working half-time onOctober 1and will begin working full-time onDecember 1so she can facilitate a smooth transition at her congregation.Click hereto read a message from Melissa about joining the UUMA team.
Ministerial Formation Network Update

A team of UUA and UUMA staff and volunteers have been working for the last six months on designing a new program for all aspirants and candidates for our ministry no matter which seminary they attend or where they live. The Ministerial Formation Network, as it will be called, will provide discernment support, collegiality and training and education to people from aspirant to preliminary fellowship. If you want more information on the budding networkclick hereto read more details. The coordinating team and our new Associate Executive Director will be meeting in August to develop plans for our pilot programs which will begin this fall. The network will be led by the UUMA in collaboration with the UUA and will count on support from all UUMA chapters, UUA staff, congregations and many UUMA members. We plan on testing several pilot programs in FY2017 and roll out the program everywhere in FY 2018.
New Guidelines Study Guide Available

At our annual meeting the membership approved new language regarding social media usage for our Standards of Professional Practice in the Guidelines.The bylaws state that we will study these changes and the Guidelines Committee will bring them forward for final approval or another vote (if the language is substantially changed as it was this year) next year. The new study guide can be foundhere. The committee asks that chapters and/or clusters get feedback to them no later thanFebruary 1, 2017.
Meet the 2018 Institute
Location and its Owner!

We shared more details about the 2018 Institute for Excellence in Ministry, scheduled forJanuary 22-26, 2018
, when we were in Columbus. If you didn
't get a chance to see our video which introduced the location (Innisbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida) and its dynamic, inspiring owner, Sheila Johnson,click the video to the right to watch it. Our new partnership with Auburn Seminary will help us build on that excellence, and allow us to expand our offerings to our colleagues from different faiths. Confirmed presenters include Mark Hicks, Ysaye Barnwell and Traci Blackmon. Our Music Director will be Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout who led the choir atSunday's GA worship. We will have all seminars and presenters finalized by October and registration will open onDecember 1, 2016.
Coaching Requests DueAugust 15th

Got a Coach? DeadlineAugust 15thLooking for a way to kick-start your ministry this fall? Now is the time tosign upfor a UUMA Peer Coach!Find out how you can benefit from a coachhere, or watch a video to hear what our coaches and coachees have to say the highly rated program.
Membership Renewals Begin July 1
Reminder that all memberships expired on June 30.Dues for the new year are payable on July 1st and past due onOctober 1st.Dues waivers are available for those who earn less than theminimumdues rate - waivers must be requested byOct 1, 2016.Click hereto see the 2016-2017 Renewal Chart.Click hereto log in and renew your membership (directions will be listed as you start the process). If you have questions contactMichelleorJanette.
Online Mentor Trainings in the Fall

Mentor Training comes to you virtually!We are excited to offer you a chance to take the valuable mentor training in a virtual format. The final details are being worked out, so look for details coming in the fall. Our tentative plan is to offer the first training late this fall. Many of your colleagues have been trained in the last 2 years through a funded push to increase the capacity for structured mentor relationships. This training may become an integral part of the developing Ministerial Formation Network as well. So, even if you are in preliminary fellowship, this training may be very useful for you in the near future. Stay tuned!
UUMA Connect Offers Monthly Themes Next Year
Starting September 2016UUMA Connectwill offer monthly themes based on the 9 duties of ministry inFulfilling the Call. Each month will focus on highlighting resources, learning opportunities, and ways to engage in each duty based on the technologies of the platform.There will be webinars, small groups,blogs,resources,wiki-pagesand more. Chapters are welcome to 'adopt' a monthly theme by contacting the Connect leaders You can look forward to:
  • September - Worship & Preaching
  • October - Spiritual Development
  • November - Pastoral Care
  • December - Personal Renewal
  • January - Justice & Witness
  • February - Administration
  • March - Larger Faith
  • April - Rites of Passage
  • May - Future of Our Faith
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