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E-Update: April 2016
Your Monthly News & Updates
This month isClimate Justice Month! From World Water Day (March 22) through Earth Day (April 22), Unitarian Universalists everywhere will take collective action for climate justice, led by Commit2Respond, the UU climate justice coalition. Congregations, faith groups, teams, and families are all invited to take action together through worship services, educational programming, witness, and advocacy.
From the Executive Director
Last week I celebrated my 58th birthday. It doesn't seem possible I could be that old but my driver's license doesn't lie. I celebrated by traveling back"home"for a long weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the places I drove by was the former A&W that I started working at when I was 16 and where I began my management career at the age of 17.


Most of the last 41 years I have spent my work life managing. Managing people, managing projects, managing volunteers, managing money, managing expectations, managing dreams and mainly trying to manage myself. Like all of us, I suppose, I have had moments of managing really well, hopefully even leading, and moments that left me wishing someone else would be in charge...Read Full Article

From the Board of Trustees
Rev. KellyWeisman Asprooth-Jackson, Secretary
News came this past month, from folks at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, about the collision of two black holes, roughly 1.3 billion light-years away from our own precious star. And though that, by itself, is a spectacular thing to imagine, the actual reason for the announcement - the news of the news - was that the collaborative project between researchers from a host of different schools and institutions had learned of the collision by observing the gravitational waves it produced. This being the first ever observation of such waves, it was a pretty big deal.

Hold that thought for just one second though, if you will.. .Read Full Article
Sustaining the Call
Rev.Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar

Now is the time!
The Chapter Challenge ends April 15th! Prizes of food, programming, and music will be extended to the chapter with the highest percentage of membership participation in the Sustaining the Call Campaign for a UUMA Endowment. Watch this members-only video below as the dancing and singing Priestley-Kingsbury Chapter throws down the gauntlet. After they try to take down CUUMA Chapter, you could be next! Are you gonna take that from them?! (Tip: wait till after the credits ; )

Nowisthe time. We can't nurture excellence in ministry without each other. We need collegiality, continuing education, and collaboration to do this work well. Yet, as the Baby Boomer ministers retire, UUMA funding will diminish as expenses rise, plus the grant money is diminishing that has supported many of our great offerings.Now is the time to insure the UUMA's financial vitality into the future.
Join in supporting our ministries of today andtomorrow!Click Here
The State of Our Ministry

Join UUMA Executive Director Don Southworth and UUA Ministries and Faith Development Director Sarah Lammert for a live webinaron"The State of our Ministry."This one hour event will take placeMay 18thfrom4-5 pmEastern.We have room for up to 100 people to join this live, free event.If you want to join us sign up byMay 6byclicking here.
We will record the webinar and make it available to UUMA members to view.Don and Sarah will present data on the current state of UU ministry, share their perspectives on both the strengths and challenges before us, and spend time in Q&A with our colleagues.Information about how to connect will be emailed to those with reservations in early May.
Want to be a Peer Coach?
In the last year more than 50 colleagues received one-on-onecoachingsupport for reaching their ministry goals from our 19 trainedcoaches. If you're interested in being trained to become acoach, we arenow recruiting new coachesuntilMay 31, 2016. The tentative trainingto be heldAugust 22-24th, 2016. To find out more about being a coach or if you wish to start working with a coach in the fall you can make that request and learn morehere.
Ministry Days 2016
Are you one of the more than 200 folks who have taken advantage of the Early Bird registration discounts for Ministry Days?If not hurry.... rates increase onMay 1, 2016.If you know you will be in Columbus -RegisterToday!
In need of a little financial support?The deadline to apply for a scholarship (to cover the cost of registration) isApril 8.Click here to apply today.
Are you a Ministry Days First Timer?If Columbus is going to be your first Ministry Days you are invited to attend a web conference call.Join the UUMA staff for an hour long call to learn about what happens at Ministry Days and get all your questions answered. Click on the below date to register for the call.
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Ministry Meditations:

Leading worship can leave us with questions: Are our members here for the choir director, a nice lecture, or something more? Tom Schade gives us encouragement, reminding us our our mission to worship together. We are the worship makers, and we help to bless our world.
You can find Ministry Meditations on our connect blog once a month.Please submit meditations and be featured here, by

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