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Your Monthly News & Updates
This month registration for Ministry Days and General Assembly opens!  Take advantage of early bird registration discounts by registering before April 30!  If you are in need of financial assistance scholarships to help with the cost of registration are available - click here to apply before April 8. 
From the Executive Director
This week I've come to Southern California to attend an installation service for our colleague Lissa Anne Gundlach in Pasadena and to attend a Unitarian Universalist Ministers and Partners Association (UURMaPA) retreat.  Later in the week I'll be working with some of our UUMA leaders and UUA staff as we continue to design a new process that will offer formational support from colleagues and our larger faith to those from aspirant status to preliminary fellowship.


I'm extremely fortunate to be able to be engaged with our membership in all phases and cycles of their ministry.  Read Full Article

From the Board of Trustees
Rev. Olivia Holmes, Treasurer
Over the past three months our Northern New England District Board initiated a Listening Campaign among the congregations we serve in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  The idea was very similar to the UUMA's effort last spring, in which so many of you participated.

The NNED Board asked congregational boards to respond to these 5 questions:
  1. What are the one or two things that you do best as a Unitarian Universalist Congregation?
  2. What is it that makes you so successful in this/these area/s?. . . Read Full Article 
Sustaining the Call 
Rev. Sharon Wylie

I attended my first UUMA chapter meeting and retreat in 2010. I was an intern minister and candidate for UU ministry, and I was incredibly freaked out (that's a technical term) to be in a room full of UU ministers. In hindsight, I'm not sure what I was afraid of. I suppose I was just extremely intimidated.
When we were invited to break into small groups for deeper check-in, the intern ministers elected to meet together. I felt vulnerable sharing my sense of overwhelm
 just being at the retreat. In our small group, I learned that I was not alone in feeling intimidated and freaked out.  And that's my story of the first time I experienced collegial support as a UU minister. Vulnerable and anxious, I learned I was not the only one ... Read Full Article 
Tom Capo Endowment Testimonial
Listen to Tom Capo speak on why he is Sustaining the Call. Join in supporting our ministries of today and tomorrow! Click Here

Ministry Meditations: A Thousand Words 

Did you ever hear the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, take some time to let those words speak to you, by viewing this beautifully crafted Ministry Meditation. This meditation was created by Kimberley Debus, the consulting minister at First Universalist Church of Southold, NY, and the Fellow for Aesthetic Ministries at the Church of the Larger Fellowship. So get in a comfortable position, and open your eyes to wonder. #UUMAMeditates

As Ministry Meditations continues, we will post one each month. Please feel free to submit meditations and be featured here, by emailing
UUMA Welcomes New Office Assistant

It is our pleasure to announce that the Rev. Michelle Pederson has accepted the position of Office Assistant. Michelle will assume her official duties on March 2 and can be reached at

Rev. Dr. Michelle Pederson recently earned her M.Div. from Meadville Lombard Theological School (May 2015), was welcomed into Preliminary Fellowship (October 2015) and was ordained in February 2016. Michelle is called to community ministry and is in the process of creating a new ministry of caring, compassion, and connection.  Michelle earned her doctorate in 2006 in Sociology from Loyola University Chicago and began her career as Director of Research and Data Services for The United Methodist Church.  Working with UMC clergy helped her to discern her call to Unitarian Universalist Ministry. Michelle and her husband David reside in Nashville, TN with their 5 year old dog Lily and new kitten, Henry.  Michelle enjoys being in nature, particularly hiking and listening to the woods. 
Want to be a Peer Coach?
In the last year more than 50 colleagues received one-on-one coaching support for reaching their ministry goals from our 19 trained coaches. If you're interested in being trained to become a coach, we will be recruiting new coaches from April 1 to May 31 with training to be held this summer. If you wish to start working with a coach in the fall you can submit your request later in the spring or summer to begin working with a coach in the fall.
Climate Justice Month 2016
The inaugural Climate Justice Month was held last year, and it's happening again in 2016! From World Water Day (March 22) through Earth Day (April 22), Unitarian Universalists everywhere will take collective action for climate justice, led by Commit2Respond, the UU climate justice coalition. Congregations, faith groups, teams, and families are all invited to take action together through worship services, educational programming, witness, and advocacy.
Learn more and sign up for Climate Justice Month. And if your congregation is planning an Earth Day service, register it with UU Ministry for the Earth for a chance to win a gift certificate to inSpirit, the UUA bookstore!
The Zoom Room is almost like a Conference Room...

More and more groups are taking advantage of the Zoom Room, which is creating a great problem to have, meetings that immediately follow one another. Just like a conference room in your building may have back to back meetings, the zoom room is being used with no buffer being scheduled between meetings. Unlike a conference room, where you can see or hear if a group is still meeting, the zoom room is digital, and you can too easily crash someone's meeting. This is inconvenient for all involved and can be addressed with a little pre-planning.
  1. If your meeting may run late, schedule additional time just to be sure you are covered.
  2. If your meeting with new folks, or have early birds who get online before a scheduled start time, then reserve 10-15 minutes before you plan to start, to make sure that you are not crashing another meeting.
  3. Be sure to schedule the meeting on the Zoom Room calendar, AND the zoom account. 
We love providing this greatly useful perk for members. Keep letting us know how its working for you!

Faith Animating Innovation: 
Introductory Overview Webinar: March 30th from 3:00-4:30 pm EDT
Join us for our next webinar highlighting the third retreat from our Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry program. In January, we held our third intensive which brought leaders from the Center of Progressive Renewal and from Duke Theological Seminary. The main focus of our retreat was to teach us about finance and marketing strategies for sustaining entrepreneurial and non-profit models of ministry.  In this overview we will highlight our most important take-backs, using video clips and Power Points from our last retreat as well as having students report on their experiences.

This webinar introduces our third webinar series covering our Beyond the Call program. Anyone who attends this first webinar will be invited to attend the upcoming series, which includes online study groups and assigned materials from our last intensive. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn more!

Click here to register for the webinar

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