2015 UUMA CENTER Institute for
Excellence in Ministry Countdown
February 2-6, 2015
Asilomar Conference Center
Pacific Grove, CA
Dear Colleagues,   


Almost 8 years ago I received the call asking me to join the CENTER team.  The draw was hearing interest in fulfilling a promise made many times but, up to that point, unrealized: to redesign the blueprint for creating cutting edge educational opportunities for ministers wanting to offer the relevant and powerful leadership needed in the world.  The CENTER team that took up this charge in 2008 was not the first.  We sifted through many versions of the dream expressed for over 25 years by great ministers before us who'd served tirelessly in prior configurations of professional continuing education.  We soon realized that for us to succeed where others fell short, we not only needed a new program, we needed a new professional association. 


The vision that emerged in those conversations was not without tension.  Or trial.  But, ultimately, it was only a small fraction of the vision that emerged when taken up by every member of the association.   Ministers young and old recognized the need for new relevance and power in what sometimes felt like a rudderless moral pursuit of juggernaut social problems.   The UUMA embarked on a bold new track for professional leadership - an executive director and an extended staff team - as well as visionary goals.  I have never worked with a more focused and determined group than that CENTER team.  Nor have I witnessed a greater act of faith and support than our association of ministers who saw it through. 


The latest incarnation of this all this work is 2015 Institute at Asilomar.  It's bringing together creative, contemporary and powerful worship; the environmental wisdom in Joanna Macy's Great Turning; and Jacqui Lewis' Beloved Community of the multicultural new millennium and other outstanding seminars.  We'll be challenged to think deeply, but be in our bodies.  We'll explore organizational systems and how to cultivate understanding and trust. 


I think what feels most compelling for me is not any one thing but the Ted-talk type of dynamic potential that happens when people of different disciplines come together in open exploration.  It pushes and challenges us to be the relevant and prophetic leaders we're called to be while recognizing the humanness within each one of us.  And, even better, this transformation is available to our association in a myriad of modalities so that those for whom the timing or cost was an issue don't miss the power of the programming.


I'm proud of CENTER.  I'm proud of Don.  I'm proud of the UUMA board.  I'm proud of all our UUMA members for making this vision of reality.  But more importantly, now that I feel equipped and supported and renewed to deal with the world's many needs, I'm proud to be a Unitarian Universalist minister. 


See you at the 2015 Institute for Excellence in Ministry
Greg Ward
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Especially for those of you in colder areas of the country...The 10-day forecast for Asilomar is for temperatures in the high 60s-low 70s with no snow, and little rain. 

A New Way to Connect: Institute Meet-ups!

This year we are making easier than ever to gather groups of people together for conversation, meet and greets, games, yoga, or whatever else you'd like to do! We have created a Meet-up group for the UUMA and anyone can create a Meet-up or look over what's been created and join in. Here's what to do:

  1. Join Meet-up or sign in here
  2. Join the UUMA Meet-up here: You need to be approved to be a member, which we do manually, so make sure to sign up before the Institute!

For more details, check out our Meetup Instructions on the website.

January 24, 2015      

Link to Amenities


Curious about the Asilomar Grounds?  Check out the amenities listing via the above link to learn about everything from internet and recycling to swimming and volleyball.

Traveling home before lunch?  Order lunch to go!


Will you be leaving Asilomar right after worship with no time to eat?  Your housing registration includes Friday lunch and Asilomar will happily prepare a box lunch for you to take on your travels.  In order for the staff to prepare your boxed lunch we must let them know by January 30.  


Click here to sign up 


Deadline Jan 30

Morning Spiritual Practices 

Start each morning off right with your choice of a spiritual practice.  Each practice will be held from 6:45-7:30.
  • Friends of Bill W. 
  • Yoga as a Spiritual Practice
  • The Yin-yang of Writing
  • Dreamwork
  • Bardic Earth-Based Practice

Lend a hand as a volunteer !


One of the best ways to get to know your colleagues is to sign up to be a volunteer at one of the UUMA Events!  At the Institute we especially need help preparing registration materials and welcoming members as they arrive.  If you have a little extra time and are willing to help visit the volunteer sign up page or contact Allison Palm.

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Click here to join our Institute 2015 Facebook Group-a great way to connect with others who are attending the Institute and get updates from the planning team. 

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Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
617-848-0416 (phone)  
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