E-Update: January 2015
From the Executive Director
It's the first day back in the new year and my to do list is as long as it has ever been.  I hope your winter holidays were a time of rest and reflection on all that matters most in your life.  I recently completed speaking to our twenty chapter presidents around the continent.  I'm always in awe of the commitment it takes for our members to do the work of ministry and then find time to serve their colleagues and our faith. 


This was the second time in my 5+ years as UUMA Executive Director that I have carved out the time to have one on one conversations with our chapter presidents.  The first time was during  ... READ MORE
Why I Love the UUMA Board
I'm exactly half-way through my term on the UUMA board. So far, it's been a deeply rewarding experience. I say this not only because of the opportunity to work with and learn from a dedicated, talented and supportive group of colleagues; and not only because of the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of policy governance in a healthy governance system. I say this because I have had the opportunity to play an integral role in imagining and implementing the best possible future for Unitarian Universalist ministers. I knew I would have this opportunity when I started serving on the board. I guess I didn't realize how deeply meaningful it would be.  As the board member with the portfolio for Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism and as the Chairperson of the UUMA Committee for Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism (CARM), I'm looking forward to ... READ MORE
Now Accepting Applications for Where Leads Our Call? Facilitators
We will begin our third UUMA-wide conversation, Where Leads Our Call?, in the fall of 2015.  Building upon our first two conversations, Whose Are We? and Who Are Our Neighbors?, we will be reflecting on the future of ministry, where our calls are leading us and the practices/theologies that nurture excellence in ministry.  We are looking for 20-30 members representing Canada and the regions across the United States who are interested in acting as facilitators for the program.  Training will be held May 5-8, 2015 in Chicago. To learn more about the qualifications and requirements for the position and to apply click here.  The deadline to apply is February 9.
Will you help Sustain the Call in 2015?
Sustaining the Call Testimonial: Allison Palm
Sustaining the Call Testimonial: Allison Palm


The new year brings new hope for peace, joy, health and change.  It also brings the first full year of our Sustaining the Call campaign.  We are grateful for the "early adopters"who made pledges and gifts to the campaign in 2014 to help sustain the current and future needs of our members and ministers.  In 2015 we will be giving you more opportunities to learn about the campaign, why it is so critical to our mission and the future of Unitarian Universalist ministry and how you can be involved in a myriad of different ways.  Some of the most poignant messages we have gotten in the early stages of the campaign are the difference and similarity of the stories newer and more experienced ministers tell about why they are giving to the campaign. This month UUMA Program Assistant and newer minister Allison Palm shares her story.  Make a pledge today.


If you want more information about the campaign contact Don Southworth or co-chairs Kendyl Gibbons or Marlin Lavanhar
Interested in Serving on the MFC?  Apply Now! 
The UUMA Board of Trustees appoints four UUMA members to serve up to four (4) renewable two-year terms each on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC).  This year, there are two (2) open positions that begin July 1, 2015 and end on June 30, 2017, with the option of being appointed up to three (3) more times.


In the UUMA's continuing effort to increase opportunities for members to lead and serve their colleagues, the Board invites members who wish to serve on the MFC to apply no later than February 9, 2015. Click here for more information, to review the requirements and to apply.  For more information about the process please contact Don.
 Quick Survey


Thank you to those of you who shared ideas for collegial conversations for our next Ministry Days in Portland this June.  If you didn't have a chance to add your suggestion please send it to Don Southworth by February 1.


This month's Quick Survey is on the CENTER Presenters Program. As we shift to a new model for CENTER Presenters in the next year, we want to know more about how you've been using the CENTER Presenters in your chapter and what you might like to see in the future:


Last Chance to Sign Up for a Coach! - Deadline Jan 15
Kimi Riegel On Coaching
Kimi Riegel On Coaching
UUMA Peer Coaches work one-on-one with colleagues over a one-year time-span to help them achieve specific professional goals to take their ministries to the next level. Coaching is the perfect way to jump-start your ministry in the new year!



The deadline to sign up for a coach is January 15.
Memberships Renewals

Thank you to all who renewed their membership by the November 15th deadline! For those of you who have not yet been able to scratch it off your 'to do' list we invite you to renew today


Please do not let money be the reason your membership lapses.  The UUMA offers waivers to members who are need and one-time lower dues for people who are suffering short-term financial hardship. These waivers are available until January 15 - so please let us know soon if a waiver would be of help!


For help with a waiver or with other UUMA matters contact Janette.
It is with sadness that we share the news that the Rev. Roberta "Bobbie" Nelson, died Friday, January 2.  


During her ministry, she served as Vice President of the UUMA.   In this role she was responsible for hiring our first professional administrator. We are grateful to her ministry and legacy.


A complete obituary will be posted to the Living Tradition Blog and to UUMA-News list once it has been published by the UUA.  Click here to join the UUMA-News list. 
UUMA Connect Corner
We have lots of plans for Connect this Spring. Look for information on online small groups later this month, daily meditations in February, Wikis in March and regular blog posts later in the spring!


The Online Small Groups will allow any UUMA member to use the UUMA's Zoom Pro account to host gatherings for up to 25 people online. We hope this will allow colleagues to connect more easily with one another, even across distances. Stay tuned for more information and feel free to be in touch with Allison if you have a group that may want to use this technology.  
Meet Our Two New UUMA Staffers!
The UUMA continues to grow.  On January 1, Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar joined the staff as our new quarter-time Endowment Director.  Sarah will be responsible for assisting the Executive Director in the successful implementation of the Sustaining the Call campaign.  On January 15 Emily DeTar will join the staff as our first ministerial intern.  Emily will be serving twenty hours per week for the next two years.  Her primary responsibilities will be to work on assisting on the development of the next phase of UUMA Connect which will include worship and more small group opportunities.  She will also be the primary staff support for the Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry program.  

If you are coming to the Institute for Excellence in Ministry you will be able to meet and welcome Sarah and Emily to the team; if not we hope you
'll reach out to say hello.  Sarah's email is endowment@uuma.org and Emily's email is intern@uuma.org.  


Wishing you could be at this year's Institute for Excellence in Ministry but just can't get there? 
We can't give you the beach, but we CAN give you some of the learning AND worship experiences! For the first time ever, we are offering an off-site track for those who can't make it out to Asilomar for the UUMA CENTER Institute. We will also be streaming worship Tuesday-Friday mornings, 8:30-9:30am PST and vespers at 7:30pm PST on Monday and 9pm PST on Tuesday and Wednesday. No registration required for the worship and vespers! 


Here are all the details of our first-ever online Institute track:  "Preaching & Worship for the Future Church and the Future of Church" with Rev. Michael Piazza (Click Here for the full program description)


  • Required online orientation during the week of January 12
  • Tuesday, February 3, 10am-12pm Pacific and 2-5pm Pacific
  • Wednesday, February 4, 10am-12pm Pacific
  • Thursday, February 5, 10am-12pm Pacific and 2-5pm Pacific
Costs: $50 for UUMA Members; $100 for non-Members


What you'll need: 
  • An internet connection  (recommended speeds: 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (up/down)) For optimum experience: (you can join small groups by phone)
  • Speakers and a microphone - built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in
  • Download Zoom (free video-conferencing application)
Registration Deadline is January 9. Cancelation fee of $10 for any cancelations prior to January 25. No refunds offered after January 25CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Get Ready for Climate Justice Month
From World Water Day on March 22, to Earth Day on April 22, UUs across the country and beyond will embark on a spiritual journey for climate justice together. Be inspired, get connected with other people of faith and conscience committed to climate justice, and commit to long-term actions that will help save our world.


Climate Justice Month is being organized by Commit2Respond, the new UUism-wide climate justice initiative. Individuals, families, congregations, and groups will get faith-filled resources, engage in powerful practices, and begin to take action in new ways to shift our energy, advance human rights, and grow the climate justice movement. Join Commit2Respond to participate in Climate Justice Month, and get ready!

Be In Touch!
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Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.


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