E-Update: December 2015
From the Executive Director
In early November I was privileged to take part with other ministers and seminarians in the College of Social Justice's Border Justice program. The program is a collaboration with Border Links in Tucson, Arizona and provided a week-long experience which gave us a peek into the immigration realities for those coming into Arizona from Mexico.  We visited three memorial sites in the desert where we dodged cacti plants and imagined how terrifying and disorienting it would be to cross the desert lost, hungry and afraid.  We went to Nogales, Mexico and saw where a 16 year old had been gunned down by border patrol agents.  We met with local organizations in Tucson who are advocating and fighting for justice and compassion for those fleeing Mexico.  And we sat in a courtroom where refugees were sent to prison for the "crime" of coming to our country ... READ MORE
From the Board of Trustees
One of my favorite readings about all things church is by Virginia McGill, and it begins with this:
"I want to belong to a church which is not content to be a coaster, or a glider,
            or a stand-patter.
I want my church to have a taste for the up-grade.
I want my church to pull me - a little;
            to push me when I lag behind or
            when obstacles are a little too great;
but most of the time
I want my church to teach me to climb all by myself."
After experiencing the extraordinary work of our UUMA staff and volunteer leaders from the balcony of the UUMA Board for the past 18 months, I want to reframe McGill's words to embrace the kind of professional association for ministry I want to belong to, to be part of, to learn from, to grow in expertise with, and to support with all the generosity of an overwhelmingly grateful heart.
I want my UUMA, with the beauty of its service,
            the vitality of its teaching,
            and the inspiration of its example
            to keep me dreaming dreams I never can forget,
            and show me stars I never saw before.
And it does, over and over again.

With our support and the fine fiscal management and program planning of our staff, the UUMA has been in excellent financial shape for years.  But we know many of our colleagues are retiring, congregations are shrinking, and younger families and retired folk often do not have the resources to support their ministers as well as they want to.  ... READ MORE
From the Collegial Development Team
If you're reading this article... congratulations!  You're officially one of our most engaged UUMA members!  
Even for the UUMA superfans among us, the demands of ministry mean that we don't always have the time to stay as connected as we might like to our beloved UUMA (I know I'm guilty of leaving my UUMA update unopened from time to time... nothing personal, UUMA staff!).  We also know that there are certain demographics among us who are even less "in the loop" than others... and who also feel less served, and less seen, by the UUMA than some of our other colleagues.  

This fall, the UUMA's Collegial Development Team (CDT) has been rolling out the first phase of our new strategic plan.  In large part, our work in 2015-2016 involves asking, "How well is the UUMA facilitating and strengthening collegiality among our members?  Which of our members are we NOT serving well, and how can we improve?"  To this end, the CDT is engaging in a comprehensive listening strategy, reaching out to both UUMA members and chapter leaders to find out what we're doing well, and where there is room for improvement.  

Each of the members of the CDT is currently having conversations with UUMA chapter presidents to communicate about our work, and to ask a few questions about collegiality practices in our chapters.  In addition, we will be seeking conversations with colleagues in a few of our most marginalized groups (specifically retired ministers, community ministers, ministers of color, candidates, and ministers separated by distance from other colleagues).  We will be using these responses to help us determine the kinds of resources, programming and services we need to develop over the coming months and years, and to continue to improve the ways our UUMA facilitates and deepens collegiality among our members.  Watch for upcoming opportunities to connect with members of the CDT and share your thoughts!
Job Opening at the UUMA
The UUMA is seeking a half-time office assistant.  If you or someone you know is interested in please check out the job description.  Any questions can be directed to Janette. Applications will be received until January 8, 2015. 
Sustaining the Call
Greetings Dear Colleagues,
Give the gift of appreciation to a minister this holiday! By making a gift to the UUMA Endowment Fund in memory or appreciation of a beloved minister you are giving the personal gift of gratitude and acknowledgement. In addition, you are supporting ministers across the globe. Hear Rev. Rachel Anderson offer a touching tribute to the fabulous Rev. Judith Meyer whom Rachel honored through her gift to the Sustaining the Call Campaign. The gift of gratitude and appreciation is a gift that gives both ways; it is a gift to you and to them.
In addition, as the calendar and tax year comes to a close, consider making a payment on your pledge or making a new pledge if you have paid off your current one. (If you're not sure how to do this, you better watch out, you better not cry; Janette Lallier will soon be sending all pledging donors a reminder email with instructions.)

I wish for you a holiday season filled with love, meaning, justice, and joy!

With gratitude and blessings,
Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
2016 Summer Seminary 
Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Summer Seminary which is to be held at Starr King School for the Ministry August 2-8. 2016.  Former UUMA President and current UUA Board of Trustee member Rob Eller-Isaacs and his partner in life and ministry Janne reflect on the importance and the value of summer seminary for our youth and our future.

Beloved Colleagues:  In counting our blessings at Thanksgiving we found ourselves thinking about how members of the Tower Club, our youth group, have stepped-up to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.  Every one of them credits the teachings of Unitarian Universalism as their prime motivation.  All three of the key leaders in the effort attended Summer Seminary. 

We are told that every successful applicant for Summer Seminary 2015 was recruited by a professional religious leader... READ MORE
New Members
Congratulations and Welcome to all and new and upgrading members. Click here to see a full listing.

Consider the UUMA in your holiday shopping. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support the UUMA every time you shop, at no cost to you.  Details here.
UUMA Collegial Small Groups (registration open)

One of the greatest predictors of a successful ministry is for a clergy person to be supported by, and accountable to, a small group of colleagues. If you need more of that, consider joining a UUMA Collegial Small Group. The UUMA is experimenting with Collegial Small Groups this winter and invite you to participate. We know small groups are important and needed. Our hope is to find out how to use technology to reduce the barriers of participation in this kind of group.
We have three different types of small groups to choose from.  Each group will have from six to ten participants:
Collegial Covenant Group: As ministers, no one knows better than we do how important it is to be embedded in a community of trust - our emotional and spiritual health depends upon it. We are spiritually fed by being in a trusted circle of people with whom we can be seen and known, supported and held accountable through all that our ministries and lives bring. This group will meet on the 4th Friday each month at 12pm EST/9am PST. 
Witness to Social Justice in the Public Square: With the continuous rise of school shootings, racial injustices, police brutality, and climate destruction, more and more UU ministers are called upon to speak out and bear public witness. Using the proficiency level of the duty of social/public witness from Fulfilling the Call as a framework for our conversations, we will explore what it takes to bear witness and build the beloved community we dream of.   This group will meet once a month beginning in January on a day and time to be determined soon.  Show your interest in joining the group through the link below.
Community Ministers in Isolation: Community ministers can feel isolated in a room full of congregationaly based clergy, let alone at a secular hospital or not-for-profit. Your call to serve from a UU context is something that others know about, even if they are too far away to be in regular relationship with you. This identity targeted group's only qualifier is that you are a community minister and feel isolated in your context. This group will meet on the 1st Saturday each month at 11am EST/8am PST (2nd Sat in Jan).
To find out more about UUMA Collegial Small Groups, or to request to participate in one of our pilot groups click here.
Joys & Sorrows
Members use this space to share, in a ritualized way, our joys or sorrows that impact us personally or professionally. Most of our Facebook groups don't allow for this, but this space does. Share what is on your heart in a covenanted community of colleagues here. (sign-in required)
Too much email from Connect?
We have heard from a few folks that they receive too many emails from Connect and don't know how to make it stop. If you are stuck, let Andrew know at programs@uuma.org, so we can make Connect work for you. We are working on a more streamlined process to stop unwanted email updates from Connect.

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



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