E-Update: November 2015
From the Executive Director
The staff has had fun this month coming up with ways to share our gratitude and appreciation for our members during Clergy Appreciation Month.  I hope you have had a chance to share your gratitude and appreciation for a colleague this month and I really hope that someone you serve shared some appreciation with you as well. 

It has been a very busy month for your Executive Director as I've been on the road every week.  One of the best parts of the month has been the appreciation the UUMA has been receiving amidst my travelsIn just the last seven days I have been in meetings/conversations with people from:  the UUA staff, Auburn Theological Seminary in New York, the Center for Awareness of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University, the Center for Progressive Renewal and a United Church of Christ minister who is wondering how to start a UUMA-type organization for UCC clergy.  In all of these conversations I have been reminded ... READ MORE
Response to St. Louis Church Attacks
The fall meeting of the UUMA Board took place in October amidst news of terrorist-arson attacks on mostly Black churches in St. Louis. Though some may urge caution in drawing conclusions about arsonist's true motivations, the impact of these church burnings lands squarely on the Black community of greater St. Louis, and fits the all-too-familiar patterns of racist violence in America.  Once again, a still-deeply rooted American racism has risen up to terrorize and silence Black people and their allies. With pride the UUMA Board read the compelling letter our St. Louis-area 'bi-state' (Missouri and Illinois) Unitarian Universalist colleagues wrote to the churches that had been attacked. The Board also felt moved to prepare and send its own letter to offer prayers of healing and love to the churches that had been attacked; to offer thanks for the witness of our 'bi-state' colleagues; and to publicly and humbly urge our UUMA members and all people of faith to continue in the struggle for racial justice. While the UUMA Board does not have a tradition or practice of making such statements for a wider public audience, we feel strongly that the current historical moment demands that we not remain silent. The Board's letter is posted here.

Rev. Joshua Mason Pawelek
Chair, UUMA Committee for Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism
Plans for Supporting
Aspirants and Candidates
Many of you have been curious about what life will be like for aspirants/candidates in a post-RSCC world.  The UUMA has been working with people throughout the UUA to determine how we can better support all aspirants and candidates as they prepare for a life of Unitarian Universalist ministry.  Click here to read a letter from the UUA and UUMA which gives an update of our plans.
Colleagues Growing Collegiality
Did you know that the #1 factor in determining the sustainability and success of your ministry is whether you participate in an active small group for collegial support?
Your Collegial Development Team (formerly "Collegial Development Committee") met last month in St. Paul, Minnesota to begin designing elements to implement the strategic plan adopted last year. Over the course of two and a half days, CDT members assumed responsibility for specific "portfolios" under the strategic plan, which include: Communications (Ashley Horan), Resource Development (Brian Kiely), Membership Development (Dara Olandt), Mentoring/In-Care (Claire Finegold-Thoryn) and Continuing Education (Deborah Raible and Peter Friedrichs). Sunshine Wolfe serves as a liaison between the CDT and CENTER and supports work that engages both.
In the coming months, Team members will be reaching out to chapter leaders and various stakeholders to gather feedback and input. Among the goals for this year are:
  • Creating a multi-prong "listening strategy" to obtain data on what members value most highly and where barriers to collegiality crop up, including reaching out to our colleagues who are "on the margins;"
  • Creating a new member orientation process; and
  • Developing a "Life Cycle of Ministry" model that addresses different collegial needs at different stages of our ministries.
If you have thoughts you'd like to share with us, please drop us a note at cdt@uuma.org. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as leaders of the Team.

Deborah Raible
Peter Friedrichs
Clergy Appreciation Month

The UUMA Board and Staff prepared this short Halloween Thank You Video to show our appreciation.  Also, tomorrow is the last day that the UUA Bookstore will be offering clergy appreciation discount on specific titles.  To learn how to place your order click here.
Sustaining the Call
Dear Colleagues,
I tell this story knowing that it is a common story, a story to which I hope many of you will relate: In 2002, while my husband was driving me home from having just passed the MFC, I had a spiritual experience of gratitude. This wave of gratitude washed over, overwhelmed, consumed me. I thought, "Oh my god!! The countless hours that remarkable people have spent on ME (?!) to get me to this moment--teachers, intern supervisors, the MFC members, my Chapter colleagues and mentors,... There is no way I can be worthy of it all! There is no way I can express all this gratitude!" I concluded that, like with grace, I might never be worthy of it; that all I could do, in thanks and in the face of such generosity, was to strive to make their effort worth it, to strive to be the best minister I could be.
Little did I know then that all that generosity was just the tip of the iceberg. The collegial support, the mentoring, the training, the encouragement and challenge--it just keeps coming through all the years of ministry! In you, my colleagues, I have so much to be grateful for, more than a life well lived in ministry can pay back. And still, the best way I know to express my gratitude is to pay it forward-to do good work in the world and to support my colleagues as they support me.
One long-lasting way to pay it forward is to insure that collegiality, continuing education, and collaboration (the 3 "C"s of the UUMA) are well funded for our current and future ministers. I and other UUMA members have chosen to express our gratitude and appreciation by making special gifts to the Sustaining the Call Campaign in honor of beloved mentors and inspiring colleagues, past and present. Here is a link to the e-news list of these many honorary gift made in remembrance and appreciation. If you too would like to publicly honor a colleague who has nurtured or inspired you, please consider making such a gift today by clicking on this link to the Sustaining the Call Campaign. Your gift will go towards the UUMA Endowment Fund which will support our ministries for generations to come. Your honoree's name will be added to the UUMA Wall of Remembrance and Appreciation, and they or their family will receive a card notifying them that you made a gift in their honor.
Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude and blessings,
Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
Resources for Excellence in Shared Ministry 
The UUMA has been working with the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network (UUMN) for the last three years on how we can strengthen the connections between us and nurture excellence in shared ministry.  Click here to read a letter from our organization leaders with an update on our work and click here for a newly created list of resources to help with our ministries.

New Members
Congratulations and Welcome to all and new and upgrading members. Click here to see a full listing.
UUMA Collegial Small Groups

One of the greatest predictors of a successful ministry is for a clergy person to be supported by, and accountable to, a small group of colleagues. If you need more of that, consider joining a UUMA Collegial Small Group. The UUMA is experimenting with Collegial Small Groups this winter and invite you to participate. We know small groups are important and needed. Our hope is to find out how to use technology to reduce the barriers of participation in this kind of group.
There are three different types of small groups to choose from:

Collegial Covenant Group
As ministers, no one knows better than we do how important it is to be embedded in a community of trust - our emotional and spiritual health depends upon it. We are spiritually fed by being in a trusted circle of people with whom we can be seen and known, supported and held accountable through all that our ministries and lives bring.

Public Witness Collaboration
With the continuous rise of school shootings, racial injustices, police brutality, and climate destruction, more and more UU ministers are called upon to speak out and bear public witness. This online small group is designed to facilitate more in-depth conversation and skill-building around preaching, teaching and leading social justice and advocacy both within the congregation and in the wider community.  We invite colleagues into a rich conversation around promoting justice and being a social witness in the public square. 

Community Ministers in Isolation
Community ministers can feel isolated in a room full of congregationaly-based clergy, let alone at a secular hospital or not-for-profit. Your call to serve from a UU context is something that others know about, even if they are too far away to be in regular relationship with you. This identity targeted group's only qualifier is that you are a community minister and feel isolated in your context.
To find out more about UUMA Collegial Small Groups, or to participate in our pilot groups, click here.

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



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