E-Update: September 2015
From the Executive Director
This month I write to you from 35,000 miles in the sky as I head home after nine days on the road.   Sometimes I wonder how this Up in the Air life I lead makes a difference in the world (that question hasn't changed no matter how my ministry has changed over the years.) I don't have George's Clooney's looks or life but despite the carbon footprint my frequent flyer miles cause, most of the time my travels take me to places I think matter.
In August I gathered and visited - in person - with colleagues in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  (As I do every month I gathered and visited with colleagues around the world - virtually - from my home office in Durham many, many times.)  I attended a conference where we heard from speakers and leaders in progressive religion and learned about trends ... READ MORE 
From the UUMA President 
Dear UUMA Colleagues, 

When we became ordained into the UU ministry, we joined a great and long procession.   Our personal life journeys joined a larger company journeying together.  And our colleague caravan, which for more than 50 years has been called the UU Ministers Association, has continually been aware of the road we travel, the perils along the way, the inspiring views, the imagined lands just beyond the horizon.

Some 7 or 8 years ago, the members of the UUMA decided to make a course adjustment in our journey, and to be more intentional about the skills and equipment we need to be sure of continuing forward together.  We upped the ante, asked ourselves to be more invested and involved, and we hired an Executive Director so that we would be not just an association of professionals, but we would be a professional association.

Our own resources, ideas, skills, and money are what will lead us and our faith forward.  Your Board of Trustees spent this past spring with members in chapter retreats, carefully inviting and listening to your wisdom and the vision.  This fall, your Board - now enhanced by new members Cheryl M. Walker (president designate) and Kelly Asprooth-Jackson (secretary) - will absorb what we heard from all of you, and discern what your insights and yearnings are calling us towards.  By next June, when this beloved association gathers in Columbus, it is our hope that
  • the UUMA mission and vision will have been affirmed and adjusted for the next five years, to make sure we are setting our sights on the course ahead of us which we seek to travel.
  • a new plan will be in place across the UUMA for recruiting, training and supporting our members into positions of service and leadership, so that our people-resources are used to their fullest.
  • our financial resources will have grown, with more and more of you investing in future generations by pledging and giving to the UUMA Endowment.  We are so pleased that in the first year since we created the Sustaining the Call campaign for the endowment, a percentage of our membership have pledged over half a million dollars to kick off our drive to reach $2 million.
"Though the path be hard and long, still we strive in expectation."  We look forward to having your dreams guide the UUMA, your skills empower us, and your resources sustain us in the work we do together.  May it be so.
Linda Olson Peebles, President
Where Leads Our Call? Is Ready For Chapters/Clusters in 2016
In July twenty of our colleagues were trained to be facilitators for the next UUMA-wide conversation: Where Leads Our Call?.  The program, which includes two modules, will be available for rollout in January 2016.  If you would like to schedule a chapter, cluster or regional program contact Don for more information.
It's Time to Renew Your Membership
When you next log in to uuma.org you will notice that your membership may have lapsed. Don't panic! When we shifted memberships to match the fiscal year all memberships expired on June 30. Because of the realities of our accounting systems all dues are payable beginning July 1 and must be paid by October 1 to retain membership.


To renew, log in to your profile at uuma.org and click on the Membership Info link in the My Profile menu. If you are already logged in you can click here. For detailed directions click here.

Guidelines Study Guide Available 
At our annual meeting in June the membership passed new language for our Standards of Professional Practice on social media usage.  The Guidelines Committee has created a study guide that will provide chapters and clusters an opportunity to discuss the changes and the larger issue of ministry in the era of social media.  You can find the guide here.  The Guidelines Committee is asking that feedback is sent to them by February 1, 2016 in advance of our final vote on the changes in June 2016.
Sustaining the Call
Dear Colleagues,
Phase two begins! Over this past year the Sustaining the Call Campaign has focused on UUMA member participation. In phase two, we will be reaching out beyond our membership to UU congregations and organizations. Phase two plans are in the works and we will update you throughout the fall. For now, please share the good news widely-about the campaign and about the importance of the UUMA in nurturing excellence in ministry. Our collegiality, collaboration, and continuing education is important to the health and wellbeing of our UU communities and beyond. This year congregations will be invited to make gifts to the Sustaining the Call Campaign at ordinations and installations, and through memorializing or honoring beloved ministers. If you want to lend support, please pave the way! Share about the campaign with those whom you know are committed to strong, healthy, vibrant Unitarian Universalist ministry! If you would like brochures about the honoring/memorializing aspects of the campaign to share with your communities, please be in touch with me and, if you're so moved, click here to make a donation today. Here to sing the praises of the UUMA's good work in supporting excellence in ministry is the fabulous Jake Morrill!
With gratitude and blessings,
Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
Are You A Mentor?
If you are a mentor or are interested in serving as a mentor, please add yourself to our Mentoring Database so prospective Mentees can find you! All you have to do is click here and follow the instructions on the page. 
The UUMA/UUA also offers a Mentor Training program for chapters/clusters or regional groups. Interested in holding one in your area? Click here for details and contact Andrew Mertz with any questions. 
Update on Coaching
We are excited that 38 folks have requested a coach for this coming year. This highly rated, best bang for your buck, program is in the matching stage. Those who have made a request will receive word in September of next steps. Their 8-10 month journey with a fabulous coach will start in October. We will soon make plans for the next request deadline and the next coach training in 2016. Stay tuned.
Join Us On the next Clergy Border Witness Trip
Clergy and seminarians are invited to join Peter Morales, Don Southworth and Kathleen McTigue on the next Clergy Border Witness Trip November 2-7.  Click here for more information on the trip and to register.
Feedback Wanted about Connect
If you use UUMA Connect or you don't, we need your feedback about its first year. In May 2014 we launched a new website called UUMA Connect. We are looking to make UUMA Connect more useful and accessible to you, the UUMA membership. Your responses will help us in this
effort. Thank you for taking time to tell us about your experiences concerning UUMA Connect.  Click here to take the survey. If you have any questions please contact the UUMA Programs Assistant, Andrew Mertz 
What is a Wiki on Connect?
Last month we launched a brand new feature on UUMA Connect to help summarize our wisdom: the ability for our members to create and edit Wiki pages on any topic. Wikis are like a community generated encyclopedia entry for particular subjects. UUMA Connect Wikis allow us to crowd source and summarize the current state of knowledge about particular aspects of ministry. Click here to learn more and start creating your own Wiki pages today!
Have you used the Zoom Room yet? 
It's one of our most popular features and is a professional video conference solution for our membership to use with other colleagues, FOR FREE. Check it out here.

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
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