E-Update: August 2015
From the Executive Director

Happy August!  For those of you who still have vacation and study leave to enjoy, lucky you.  For those of you who have begun new ministries on August 1, congratulations!  And for those of you who (like me) won't have much time off this summer may the joys of your ministry outweigh the envy of reading about colleagues traveling and studying around the world. 


I have just returned from a week in Chicago co-leading the train the trainers session for our next UUMA-wide conversation, titled, "Where Leads Our Call?"  We continue to learn and tweak our model of engaging as many colleagues as possible in meaningful conversations that provide us the chance to go connect and go deeper with each other.  "Where Leads Our Call?" will look a little different than our previous conversations "Whose Are We?" and "Who Are Our Neighbors?"(three modules and usually delivered in more than one sitting including on-line.)  We hope it will help us continue to strive towards and achieve the UUMA's end/goal for collegial development: 


"The UUMA promotes multiple models of collegiality, gathering in covenant to meet both   the shared and unique needs of our diverse ministries (including retired, community, candidate, consulting, interim and parish).  Shaped by a culture of vulnerability, intimacy, trust and accountability to one another, we embrace leadership and mutual learning and model excellence through collegiality."


As another year of ministry begins ... READ MORE 

Are You A Mentor?
If you are a mentor or are interested in serving as a mentor, please add yourself to our Mentoring Database so prospective Mentees can find you! All you have to do is click here and follow the instructions on the page. 


The UUMA/UUA also offers a Mentor Training program for chapters/clusters or regional groups. Interested in holding one in your area? Click here for details and contact Andrew Mertz with any questions.  

Welcome to Our New Program Assistant, Andrew Mertz 

As one of your new colleagues, I am excited to start my next ministry by supporting the programs of our UUMA. Last month when the new UUMA staff gathered in New York City I was not sure what to expect. What I found was an intentional group of professionals whose focus on excellence in ministry goes far beyond a catchy slogan. I look forward to working with, for, and through you as members of the UUMA.


Although I just received preliminary fellowship, I have over a decade of professional youth and young adult ministry experience at the congregational and district level. My most recent position has been as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Programs for the Joseph Priestly District of the UUA. I am a 3rd generation UU who started as an OWL teacher right out of college and haven't looked back ever since. I look forward to offering my creative and analytical talents to the UUMA membership and programs.

A native of Virginia, I am in the midst of moving with my new wife Rev. Annie and our dog Boudreaux to Oakland, California. I enjoy anything that gets me outdoors like camping, hiking, and kayaking. As a motorcycle-riding interfaith clergy couple, we are making the move to answer Annie's new call as an Episcopal school chaplain.

Introducing... WIKIS! 

This month we launched a brand new feature on UUMA Connect: the ability for anyone to create and edit Wiki pages on any topic. Wikis are like an encyclopedia entry for particular subjects. UUMA Connect Wikis allow us to crowd source and summarize the current state of knowledge about particular aspects of ministry. Click here to learn more and start creating your own Wiki pages today!

Need a Coach?
Deadline August 15

Larry Peers on Coaching

Are you stuck in a rut, or do you need a new source of energy and inspiration for an aspect of your ministry?

Coaching can re-focus your ministry, re-center your spirit, and help you identify, set, and reach the right action-oriented goals for this season of your ministry. UUMA Peer Coaches work one-on-one with colleagues in Final Fellowship over a one-year timespan to help them set and achieve specific action-oriented goals to take their ministries to the next level. Unlike Mentoring, which offers general guidance to ministers in formation, Coaching is especially powerful for ministers who have been in their ministry settings long enough to have identified specific areas for improvement, but may feel stuck--Peer Coaches provide accountability, encouragement, and structured conversation to get you out of your rut.
Interested? Our next deadline to sign up for a Coach is August 15. All you have to do is follow this link to sign up. To find out more about the UUMA Coaching Program, follow this link. Contact UUMA Program Assistant Andrew Mertz if you have any questions.
Sustaining the Call

Dear Colleagues,


UUMA members are supporting the Sustaining the Call Campaign for many reasons--because of the hard times when colleagues have been there for them; in gratitude for mentors; with hope for the next generation of ministers growing in our midst; with passion for quality continuing education; with vision about the future of ministry and our faith; with wisdom about the importance of financial sustainability in uncertain times.


Your generosity is stunning. In Portland, at the end of Ministry Days, we were fast approaching the half million mark. Some spirited Founding Members stepped up to close the gap and the milestone was reached! It was a thrilling moment....and then more and more and more pledges came in! We have now reached $569,600 (25.5% of our financial goal of $2 million) and 28.5% participation (of our participation goal of 100%).


Our colleague Fred Muir has spent years tending to our codes of conduct and ethical guidelines--the best practices of our professional association. What a profound ministry to us all.  Hear why he chooses to support the Sustaining the Call Campaign. Please visit the Sustaining the Call Giving Page and make a pledge or gift today.


Consider making a gift in honor of ministers like Fred who minister to our collective well-being as we walk this vocational path together.

With gratitude and blessings,

Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar


Edited Videos Posted!
Edited version of the 2015 Ministry Days Keynote and Worship Services have been posted to the UUMA Archive Page.  Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to all the wonderful services.

A link to the edited Berry Street Essay Video can be found on the Berry Street Essay Page.
It's Time to Renew Your Membership
When you next log in to uuma.org you will notice that your membership may have lapsed. Don't panic! When we shifted memberships to match the fiscal year all memberships expired on June 30. Because of the realities of our accounting systems all dues are payable beginning July 1 and must be paid by October 1 to retain membership.


The renewal system uses the Ministerial Setting and Salary&Housing fields in your profile to calculate your dues amount (for Regular, Associate, and Candidate members who have recently been received into fellowship.) Here are the hopefully easy steps in renewal:

  1. When starting to renew the system will ask you to update your profile.Make sure the Ministerial Setting and Salary & Housing fields are correct.If you are a Regular/Associate member selecting Student or Retired will result in a $0 dues amount. Please select a dollar range for the S&H field.
  2. Next, select the level you would like to renew at.Your options are:
    • One Payment or Installments (annual dues that can be paid in full or split into 10 payments)
    • Auto Renewal run on July 1 (must be paid using a credit card will be set to automatically renew for FY17 on July 1, 2016)
    • Regular/Associate Min. with Discount Code (if using a discount code makes your dues total lower than the minimum dues use this category to pay the minimum - $100 as a community minister and $200 as a parish minister)
    • Temp Financial Hardship: Opt Installments (Minimum for those experiencing temporary financial hardship. Can be paid in full or split into 10 payments)
    • Request For Full Waiver (For those who plan to submit documentation requesting a full waiver of dues)
  3. Confirm you are changing your membership level (this is true for all)
  4. Enter a promotional code if appropriate and complete the billing information
  5. Please check your dues amount to ensure it is what you expect. If the system gives you $0 due it may be because your profile is not correctly configured. To see the current dues structure click here

Special Notes:

  • Changing from Candidate to Regular MembershipIf you have received preliminary fellowship or have retired you can select to upgrade your membership. Candidates who were received into fellowship this previous June should upgrade to TBV-Regular.
  • Changing from Regular to Life Membership: Regular members who have retired through the MFC and have been active in the UUMA for at least 5 years should select: MFC Retirement - Life Member Upgrade. 
  • Membership Discounts: If you belong to a separate organization that is necessary to your ministry, you may use a discount code to deduct a portion of your dues. Associations are assigned codes based on their dues amount. One code is allowed per membership. If you use a discount code please upload proof of your membership to your file library. Click here to view available codes. If by applying a discount, your dues will be less than the minimum ($200/parish or $100/community), please pay the minimum.

To renew log in to your profile at uuma.org and click on the Membership Info link in the My Profile menu. If you are already logged in you can click here. If you are having trouble please contact Janette Lallier.  If you have contacted Janette in the past few weeks please be aware she has been on vacation and is in the process of returning emails as she is able.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
919-824-3999 (mobile)  
617-848-0498 (main office)
617-848-0973 (fax)  

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