E-Update: July 2015
From the Executive Director

I'm back home catching up on sleep after my busiest Ministry Days/General Assembly ever.  Ministry Days was the usual back-to-back 15-hour days of meeting, worshipping, learning, celebrating and reporting that is the highlight of the staff's year (once we are with you that is)! I had my busiest GA ever; probably because the theme was "Building A New Way" and the UUMA has been a poster child for building a new way in the past six years.  Four GA workshops, two presentations to the delegates and three lunches with our past UUMA presidents/vice-presidents, leaders of many professional organizations and with the UUA President's Council left me near comatose by time I got on my plane Sunday night.


It was a great week.  It always is when we get a chance to gather and be together.  Your appreciation and trust for your leaders and staff is welcomed and, dare I say, warranted.  We've had another good year in every way our performance can be measured.  Our finances are better than ever and .... READ MORE


Farewell from Allison Palm,
UUMA Program Assistant

Beloved colleagues,


Three years ago, I opened up an e-update much like this one and read that the UUMA was seeking an office assistant. As a brand-new candidate member, I knew very little about what our UUMA actually did, but I did have some dreams about what I hoped our collegial community might look like. Like many of our new colleagues, I was cautious as I entered UUMA life, unsure what I would find but certain that I was going to need a strong collegial community to get me through the hard nights of ministry. 


While I wish I could tell you that I came into this job and found immediately the collegial community I had been hoping for, we all know that community and institutions are more complicated and fallible than that. But what I found is something more important than a perfect community. I found .... READ MORE

It's Time To
Renew Your Membership

The Board of Trustees continues to review the dues structure seeking to address the concerns and realities of a sliding dues scale while still presenting a balanced budget to ensure we have the resources to continue to live into our vision of a stronger, more effective UUMA.  


In the 2015 fiscal year the UUMA began to move its membership period to match the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).   As a result of this all memberships expired on June 30, 2015.  Because of the realities of our accounting systems all dues are payable beginning July 1 and must be paid by October 1 to retain membership. 


The renewal process is dependent upon your profile containing correct information regarding your Salary & Housing and Ministry Setting.  Please make sure your profile is up to date.  You will be given an opportunity to update your profile at the start of the process.  Installments (10 payments spread evenly between the day you renew and June 30, 2016) and Automatic Renewals (to process annually on July 1) are both available.  To renew log in to your profile at uuma.org and click on the Membership Info link in the My Profile menu.  If you are already logged in you can click here.

Sustaining the Call

Greetings dear colleagues!


Just back from Portland I'm filled with such strong emotions--joy for what we have shared and accomplished together, sadness for all the suffering still in the world, and resolve to be a part of the collective work ahead. We will need to be well resourced, well trained, and strongly connected to sustain the kind of spiritual leadership needed in the days and years ahead. If you haven't already, I hope you will give generously to the Sustaining the Call campaign. Over 400 of our colleagues already have, and because of all your generosity during the week in Portland, our endowment fund is now well over a half million dollars and rising! As Bill Hamilton-Holway says in this testimonial video, supporting the campaign is "investing in your own ministry, the ministries of your colleagues, the ministry of Unitarian Universalism into the future." Let's keep bending that moral arc!


With much gratitude for you all,

Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar 


Bill Hamilton-Holway
Portland Ministry Days
Last week in Portland over 600 collegaues and families gathered in person and virtually through our live stream to celebrate, connect, and do the work of our association. Here are some highlights from the week you may want to relive or view for the first time:
If you were able to attend either in person or via the live stream we would love your comments and suggestions. Click here to complete the evaluation form.

Got a Coach?
- Deadline August 15!

Are you looking for a way to kick-start your ministry this fall? Now is the time to sign up for a coach! 


Not sure if the coaching program is for you? Check out all the details here or watch this video to hear what our coaches and coachees have to say about the program:

Welcome to our new Program Assistant

We are thrilled to announce that Andrew Mertz will be joining the UUMA staff on July 1 as our new Program Assistant.  Andrew will have two weeks to overlap with our current Program Assistant, Allison Palm, who will be leaving on July 15.


Andrew describes himself as a 'ministry engineer,' appropriate given his science and technology background.  Although having just received preliminary fellowship, he has over a decade of professional youth and young adult ministry experience at the congregational and district level. His most recent position has been as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Programs for the Joseph Priestly District of the UUA.  He is a 3rd generation UU  who started as an OWL teacher right out of college, and hasn't looked back since. He is completing his work at Meadville Lombard this year and is looking forward to offering his creative and analytical talents to the UUMA membership and programs.


A native of Virginia, Andrew is in the midst of moving with his new wife Annie and their dog Boudreaux to Oakland, California. Andrew enjoys anything that gets him outdoors like camping, hiking, and kayaking. Another hobby is being a Wilderness First Responder which allows him to keep up the skills he learned as an Army medic. This motorcycle riding interfaith clergy couple is making the move to answers Annie's new call as an Episcopal school chaplain.


Andrew can be reached at amertz@uuma.org  and after July 15 also at programs@uuma.org 



The UUMA has a space for all your faith and spiritual renewal  - Ministry Meditations! Every week on Thursday, two-minute video meditations are posted specifically for UUMA members by UUMA members. I want to urge all of you to consider being recorded for a video meditation. What helps you get through another week of the work of ministry, might be the saving grace another minister needs to hear. Your words of wisdom, introspective, reflection, and inspiration for activism, might be the antidote to someone else's sadness, loneliness, or disillusionment.

Please consider helping grow this necessary online space for spiritual reflection and healing dedicated only for U.U. ministers, by providing a mediation yourself. Email Emily to set up a Zoom meeting and to gain more information on how you can help nurture our colleagues' spirits. #UUMAMeditates


Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
617-848-0416 (phone)  
617-848-8122 (fax)  

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