E-Update: May 2015
From the Executive Director

Three weeks ago my mom died at the age of 84.  I traveled across country and got to her hospital bedside five minutes after she drew her last breath.  Sitting with her lifeless body I said my goodbyes, cried my tears and sent her off with love and gratitude for the life we had shared.   I called my two sons from the hospital and told them I hoped one day they would be able to sit with my dead body and have fond memories of the life we had shared as well.  It felt good.


As ministers we give love and care to people whose hearts are broken by death every day.  It is what we do and sometimes, maybe often, we don't know how profound that is.  Thank you to the hundreds of you who have embraced me and my family in your circle of thoughts, prayers and love these past few weeks.  You have shared your condolensces and wisdom of what it feels like to loss a parent and how to mend.  I'm deeply grateful.


Whenever death comes to visit me nearby and personally, I am struck at how all that really matters is life and that for all our differences and conflicts we really share only two inescapable, universal constants - we have been born and we will die. In this tender place, a place that will most likely fade over time, I am more attuned than normal at how important connection to each other truly is.  My friends, in these heartbreaking days when we must proclaim black lives matter, in part, so we have a chance to live out the promise of the beloved community one day, let us never forget how sacred each life is and our daily opportunity to touch each other.  So when the day comes and we draw our last breath, those who have loved us can laugh and cry, and we can leave the world a little better than we found it.  




Ministry Days Portland: 
Registrations Rates Increase May 1

Plane Tickets - Check!
Hotel Reservation - Check!
GA Registration paid - Check!

What do you mean I didn't register for Ministry Days?!?!

Are you planning on attending Ministry Days in Portland? Register in the month of April to save on fees - rates increase on May 1.


On Wednesday, June 24 the UUMA will gather for its Annual Meeting.  All the materials you will need for the meeting - including bylaw and guideline recommendations, nomination slate, proposed budget, and reports from the board, staff and committees, has been posted online (PDF). Paper copies will be mailed to those who have requested.  Copies will not be available in Portland - please download to your mobile device or print any materials you would like to have with you.


Click here for the 2015 Annual Meeting Packet

Questions for the President and the UUMA Board at Ministry Days?


It's hard to believe but we will be gathering in Portland in less than two months for Ministry Days.  As is our annual custom we will have time with the UUMA Board of Trustees and the UUA President, Peter Morales.  If you have any questions you'd like to ask the Board or Peter please send them to Don.

Finding Connection with
the UUMA Intern, Emily DeTar

As I prepare to leave seminary and truly embark in the lifelong work of ministry, I grow fearful of the loneliness of ministry. Where will I get my spiritual healing and rest, where will I feel connected to God that isn't work? How will I maintain my prayer life and spirituality when I am fully working every Sunday for my faith?


Here at the UUMA I have found hope in the relationships and stories of colleagues through my work to start our new Ministry Meditations. Ministry Meditations have helped to provide stories, reflections, songs and struggles of ministry in a way that help to heal and soothe the soul. In this project, ministers speak to other ministers, bringing them reflections, prayers, and meditations from their places of struggle, comfort, and faith. Each one is filled with a specific recognition of the work and worry of ministry. Each of them offers a gift of wisdom and spiritual presence for every minister that comes to witness it. In fact, watching these meditations makes me feel like I am coming to church. This space is the only space where I  ... READ MORE

Want to serve your colleagues and work on the best staff in the world?

As we prepare to say goodbye to our Program Assistant, Allison Palm, we are preparing to say hello to our soon to be newest member of the staff, our new Program Assistant!  Might that be you or someone you know?  We are accepting applications until May 15 for the half-time Program Assistant who will be working closely with the staff and key volunteers on supporting, coordinating and occasionally leading our programs and teams.  Click here to review the job descriptionIf you are interested in the position send a cover letter and a resume (and/or any questions) to Don Southworth.

Climate Justice Month Wrap-Up

Along with many UUs across the country, our staff participated in Commit2Respond's Climate Justice Month between March 22 and April 22. Each day, we read and reflected on the thoughtful pieces sent out by the hard-working Commit2Respond Team, and each week, one of us put down those reflections on paper to share with all of you. In case you missed them, here are links to our reflections:

For the UUMA and the seven other UU organizations who have teamed up for Commit2Respond, Climate Justice Month was an exciting beginning, but the work has only just begun. Powerful programming on climate change and climate justice is being planned for General Assembly this year as well as an Action of Immediate Witness to galvanize support for a sustainable treaty in Paris during the United Nations Summit on Climate Change. Through Commit2Respond, we'll stay connected, organize ourselves and we'll celebrate our progress together. Join us!

Sustaining the Call

Greetings fabulous colleagues,


Spring has sprung! For many of us one spring joy is attended our spring Chapter gathering! If you did so, you likely heard an update about the campaign for a UUMA endowment fund from your Chapters' Sustaining the Call Ambassadors. These 30+ Ambassadors-a remarkable group of people--are encouraging your participation in the campaign because of their commitment to you and to strengthen the financial foundation of our collegiality and continuing education for today's and tomorrow's ministries. If you aren't able to attend Chapter gatherings, give them a call to talk with them about the campaign. 


Here is a link to their names and contact information. If you see your faithful Ambassadors at a local collegial gathering or at General Assembly, ask them a question about the campaign, hand them your filled-out pledge card, or simply thank them for their service to our Association! If you'd rather pledge on line, follow this link. Spring is a time of growth! Let's grow our endowment!


With gratitude and blessings,

Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar


Eric Kaminetzky
Here is Eric Kaminetzky speaking about why he feels so passionate about Sustaining the Call
Got a Coach? 


UUMA Coach Ellen Spero shares her thoughts about coaching
UUMA Coach Ellen Spero
shares her thoughts about coaching

Do you know where you want to go but need help getting there? 

  •  A coach helps you clarify your action goals

Are you stuck in your perspective?

  • A coach listens deeply to you - helping you discover new insights

Are you leading from your spiritual center?

  • A coach can help you re-center yourself and your ministry

UUMA Peer Coaches work one-on-one with colleagues over a one-year timespan to help them set and achieve specific action-oriented goals to take their ministries to the next level. If you are interested in getting a Coach for Fall 2015, now is the time to apply! Click here to learn more about coaching and request a coach. 

UUMA 2014 Annual Review
For the second year the UUMA has published a Year in Review.  The 2014 issue contains the texts from Providence's 25 and 50 year speakers, the Berry Street Essayist, remembrances of those who died in 2014, and much more.  Hard copies will be available in Portland but it is available online now.

Help Us Minister!


The UUMA has a space for all your faith and spiritual renewal  - Ministry Meditations! Every week on Thursday, two-minute video meditations are posted specifically for UUMA members by UUMA members. I want to urge all of you to consider being recorded for a video meditation. What helps you get through another week of the work of ministry, might be the saving grace another minister needs to hear. Your words of wisdom, introspective, reflection, and inspiration for activism, might be the antidote to someone else's sadness, loneliness, or disillusionment.


Robin Tanner Meditation Trailer
Robin Tanner Meditation Trailer

Creating these videos is easy! Simply email intern@uuma.org to set up a Zoom meeting, and we will record your reflections for you. If you want to create your own videos, simply email them to intern@uuma.org. Our colleagues are hungry for worship that address their needs as ministers - only we together can make that happen. We look forward to the spiritual nourishment we will create together. 

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
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