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What does a UUMA Endowment Fund have to do with Selma?

One important thing we must do to support social justice is to support ministers-to support the connections that strengthen and call us forth (i.e. collegiality), the training to gives us the skills we need (i.e. continuing education), and the sustenance and nurturance we need to keep showing up (e.g. mentorship, coaching, and wellness programs). This is what the UUMA is here for.

Rev. Mark Morrison Reed in his Keynote address for the Marching in the Arc of Justice Conference said, "We assume that the outpouring of support and the rush to Selma was because of the righteousness of the cause and the magnitude of the injustice, but neither of those...really explain the response. They don't. It was of course because of the cause, but it was relationship that compelled them to go, the connection of one person to another."

Morrison-Reed went on to describe ... READ MORE

Ministry Days Portland: 
Scholarship Request Due April 5

Are you planning on attending Ministry Days in Portland?Register in the month of April to save on fees - rates increase on May 1.


Financial Concerns?  Click here to apply for a scholarship. Application deadline is April 5 so apply now.


Traveling with your Family? We have lowered the partner/spouse rate to attend Ministry Days.  We plan to have opportunities for partners and spouses to gather and share fellowship.  The board is also including a UUMA Child Dedication in the opening worship.  We hope you will pass this information along.  If there is a child traveling with you that you would like to include in the ceremony please indicate so on your registration or let Janette know.

When planning your travel - make sure you plan to arrive in time to be a little pampered at our special opening reception themed on "Care and Feeding of a Minister." 

"Ministry in the Era of Ferguson"  CARM Conference Call

The UUMA's Committee for Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism (CARM) invites you to participate in a video conference call entitled "Ministry in the Era of Ferguson" on Wednesday, April 8 at noon EST. Mindful that our ministries have been impacted in a variety of ways due to recent high-profile police killings of unarmed African American and Hispanic men and boys and all the events that have unfolded across the nation as a result, we're organizing this and other video conference calls as an opportunity for colleagues to reflect together on those impacts and what "Ministry in the Era of Ferguson" looks like. 


Our April 8th call will feature reflections from colleagues in the St. Louis area. If you would like to participate, or if you have any questions, please contact CARM chair, Josh Pawelek, at revpawelek@sbcglobal.net or (860) 652-8961This video conference call will be limited to 20 participants. Further video conference calls will be scheduled as needed.

Have you joined Commit2Respond's Climate Justice Month yet?

From World Water Day (March 22) to Earth Day (April 22), Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith and conscience are embarking on a spiritual journey for climate justice, organized by the new climate justice initiative Commit2Respond.


The UUMA staff are participating together in Climate Month, and we'll be posting reflections throughout the month. Click here to read our first reflection, by our Program Assistant, Allison Palm: "On Failure and Flowerpots."


And click here to learn more and sign up for Climate Justice month!

Sustaining the Call

Please give generously to support the financial foundation and strong future of the UUMA by giving generously to the Sustaining the Call Campaign. Click here to make your pledge:


As a special treat listen to Rev. Josh Pawelek, who attended the Marching in the Arc of Justice Conference, speaking why he supports Sustaining the Call as a part of his commitment to social justice:

Job Openings at the UUMA
The UUMA is seeking a part-time office assistant.  If you or someone you know is interested in please check out the job description.  Any questions can be directed to Janette. Applications will be received until April 15


We are also anticipating announcing an opening for a half-time Program Assistant soon.  Keep an eye on the above link for the job description, when the position will begin and how you or someone you would recommend can apply for the position.

Serving Some Soul Food - Nurturing Meditations for Ministry!

Remember when holy week used to be a week filled with spiritual practice, introspection, and a respite for the soul? For most ministers, holy week is not all that "holy". Many are running multiple services in the week and serving more members than they do all year. Some are already dreading the exhausting amount of work ahead of them.


In honor of the original spirit of holy week, we at the UUMA are launching a new offering on UUMA Connect. Starting today, March 31, in the midst of Holy Week, we will be posting Ministry Meditations. We will post these meditations on the UUMA Connect blog every Tuesday and Thursday, making routine the importance of spiritual nurturing for ministers. These meditations will be made by ministers for ministers -- a series of reflections, meditations, prayers, and introspective moments, calling us back to our spiritual core.

Below is the first in what promises to be a rich series, dedicated to nurturing your ministry:


Where the Desert Meets the Sea
Where the Desert Meets the Sea


Call For Submissions:
For this project to continue serving our colleagues far into the future, we need submissions! If you would like to submit a video meditation you have two options. You can create your own video, and email it to intern@uuma.org. You may also schedule a Zoom meeting with our staff, where we will record your meditative words and presence for our members. Visit this Connect page for more information on submissions

Our colleagues are hungry for soul food of their own- let us serve each other. Come to UUMA Connect and see what we are cooking up together!


WEBINAR: Designing Entrepreneurial Ministries

April 16, 4-5:30pm Eastern


Join us for an introductory Webinar exploring Design Thinking and Spiritual Innovation!

In January, we held our first Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry retreat, featuring Stanford professor Dave Evans and UCC Minister and Church-Planter, Rev. Nicole LaMarche. This webinar will highlight the most important learnings from that retreat, using video clips from the actual presentations by Dave and Nicole. 


You'll also get a chance to hear from a couple of students who attended the retreat on how they are applying the principles and practices from the first retreat to their innovative projects. 

After this introductory webinar, there will be an opportunity to go deeper with a three-session practical online study group experience.


Find more information and register here.


WEBINAR: Ministering to Youth and Young Adults of Color: Faith Formation and Spiritual Renewal

April 23, 4-4:45pm Eastern


This 45 minute webinar will offer key frameworks for ministering to UU youth and young adults of color with a focus on faith formation and spiritual renewal. The webinar will highlight resources around worship, spiritual practices, and community building. After 30 minutes of content presented by Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, we'll open up our conversation for questions, open discussion and sharing about best practices and challenges.


Find more information and register here.

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