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Our first Beyond the Call class, focused on Worship & Preaching, at their retreat in Tulsa. Apply now to be a part of our second Beyond the Call class, focused on Entrepreneurial Ministry!

From the Executive Director

 "I wake up each morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world." - E.B. White


It doesn't seem so long ago when July was a time of relaxation and play.  School was out and I was at the playground, or, more recently, congregational/UUMA life slowed down and vacation or study leave was nearby.  Not so much anymore.  I have been thinking about this quote a lot lately.  When I wake up and sit on my back porch listening to the birds and meditating after opening up the daily news and social media sites on my computer.  The world seems both more beautiful and more ugly every single day...READ MORE


Apply to be a Regional Resource Officer!

The UUMA Good Officers program provides resources for UUMA members to prevent or constructively address tension that arises in our professional relationships with the congregations/institutions we serve and between colleagues and other religious professionals.  Historically, Good Offices have been selected by local chapters to serve their colleagues in a geographic area.  In an effort to continue to improve the quality of support we provide each other we will be recruiting and training Regional Resource Officers (RROs) who will have expertise in specific areas such as transitions, start up/mid-ministry assessment, good endings/negotiated settlements and multi-staff issues.  We are now accepting applications for our first group of RROs who will be specializing in transitions.   RROs will offer consulting and training to Chapter Good Officers and will be resources for our members in their specialization.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming an RRO contact Fritz Hudson and if you would like more details and to apply to be a RRO click here.  Applications will be accepted until October 1.

Do you want a coach?  

Would you like to be a coach?

Two years ago the UUMA began offering peer coaching to our members in Final Fellowship. More than 80 colleagues have benefited from using one of our 26 coaches to work on areas and goals to improve the effectiveness of their ministry.  While we are reviewing the evaluations and results of our two-year pilot coaching program (which both coaches and coachees have been very positive about) we are gearing up for the next phase of the program as well. If you are interested in becoming a UUMA coach beginning in 2015 please click here to apply.  Training will be offered (at no cost to coaches) November 17-19, 2014.  If you are in final fellowship or in your second or third year of preliminary fellowship and would like to work with a coach in 2015 click here to apply.  


Looking for...Innovation?  Interfaith Learning? A Network of Creative Support?  Apply for Beyond the Call:  Entrepreneurial Ministry Now!

In two weeks the fourth and final retreat for our first, and very successful, Beyond the Call program:  Preaching and Worship Arts will be held in Cleveland.  If you are planning or starting substantial innovation in your ministry you will want to be in our next program, Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry.  This UUMA/UUA  two-year interfaith program consists of four retreats with experts from business, academia and innovative ministry and in-depth study and sharing with a small group of colleagues.  For more information on the program, and/or to apply click here.  Applications will be accepted until September 15 but don't wait until then to apply.  If you have any questions contact Don Southworth.


 Quick Survey

Thank you for your feedback last month on the reasons why you do/do not attend Ministry Days.  The main reasons you attend are to be with colleagues and for the worship.  The main reasons you don't attend are because it's too expensive and the benefits aren't worth the cost.  The quick survey is taking August off - even surveys need rest - and will be back in September.


Lowest Institute Registration Rate Ends on August 1

If you were waiting until the new fiscal year to register for the third Institute for Excellence in Ministry NOW is the time!  The lowest registration rate ends on August 1.  If you weren't able to apply for a scholarship by July 1, the next UUMA scholarship deadline is September 1 and the next UUA educational grant deadline is January 1.  (We gave away over $15,000 in scholarships to 57 colleagues in July!)  For more information on the program click here.



Staff Summer Schedules & Transitions


Janette Lallier will be on an extended vacation/study leave from July 6 to Aug 15.  Keep an eye on her facebook page if you want to follow her European adventure.  If you need UUMA help before her return please address your questions as follows:


Allison Palm (office@uuma.org): membership, website, general administrative questions.  (Allison will be away July 26-August 10. during that time, please address any urgent questions to Don)


Don Southworth (executivedirector@uuma.org): finance (including reimbursements), program arrangements, general questions.


Jennifer Channin is off to new adventures! As of August 1, she is leaving her role as Program Coordinator for the UUMA to be the next Assistant Minister in San Diego, CA. Allison Palm will be taking over many of Jennifer's Program Coordinator duties as she transitions to a 3/4 time Program Assistant position. We wish Jennifer all the best!





Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry Application


Application to be a Coach


Application to get a Coach


Mentoring Survey


Application to be a Regional Resource Officer 

UUMA Connect is sponsoring its next Webinar on August 13th

Join Rev. Kathleen McTigue for a Webinar about the UU College of Social Justice!


The UU College of Social Justice - at the ripe old age of two years! - continues to develop new experiential learning programs. These powerful programs often inspire new commitments for justice engagement, and some of them are designed specifically for ministers and seminarians. This webinar has two purposes: to let our colleagues know what's on the horizon for 2014-15, and to hear back from you about the kinds of programs you would find most useful to your ministries. Join us and help guide our direction!


August 13, 2014 at 4:00 EDT - Register Today!

Last chance to tell us how you'd like to improve as a mentor

In January 2014 the UUMA/UUA provided training to 26 Lead Mentors in the hopes of improving the quality and skill of the mentoring we offer to colleagues in preliminary fellowship and beyond.  Now we are ready to share that training with all colleagues who wish to improve in the art of mentoring.  Please click here to fill out a short survey on what mentoring skills you'd like to improve on and what would be the best way to work on those skills.  Our Lead Mentors will be offering training for chapters and clusters in-person and on-line beginning in the fall based on the feedback we hear from you.  

Ministry Day Evaluations & Video!

If you haven't done so already, please click here to fill out your Ministry Days Evaluation. 

If you would like to watch the Tuesday or Wednesday morning worships, Keynote address, Annual Meeting, Conversations with the UUMA Board or Peter Morales or the Berry Street Lecture again, visit our Livestream page for videos: http://www.livestream.com/uuma

Marching for the Climate in September in New York

Thousands of Unitarian Universalists are going to be part of the historic People's Climate March in New York City on September 21. If you are planning to attend, please sign up here for this meet-up. This way we can keep track of things like need for housing or transportation. We also want to know how many UUs plan to participate in this groundbreaking event. Join us! For more information contact our colleague Peggy Clarke (pclarke@uuma.org) for more information.

Become a Charter Member of Sustaining the Call Campaign

At Ministry Days the UUMA kicked off our first endowment campaign, Sustaining the Call: A Campaign for Today's and Tomorrow's Ministries, which will ensure that we will be able to provide more opportunities for all of our members, today and tomorrow, to have to what they need to nurture and sustain their ministries.   In the first year of the campaign we are only seeking gifts from UUMA members in the hopes that we can raise at least half of our $2 million three-year goal. Click here to see how you can become a charter member. If you weren't at our annual meeting click here to watch former UUMA President, Carolyn Owen-Towles, share why she is supporting the campaign. Each month we will be sharing a new video testimonial about the campaign. If you'd like to add your voice and video please let us know. 

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



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