E-Update: November 2014
From the Executive Director

In late November I will celebrate the 14th anniversary of my ordination.  Little did I know back in 2000 what shape my ministry would take.  I didn't know I'd leave my beloved California for the Southeast for 13 years.  I didn't know I would serve three congregations and become the first Executive Director of the UUMA.  And I certainly didn't know there would come a time when I would sit in board meetings for nine straight days, as I did in October.  Isn't life and ministry a wonderful surprise?


With all these numbers floating around my head there are two numbers that I have been thinking about more than any others.  ... READ MORE

Why I Love the UUMA Board

As our Nominating Committee begins looking for applicants to fill openings on the UUMA Board, they and I have been asked: "Why would I want to serve on the Board?"  That's a good question, since many of the creative opportunities for serving colleagues are in the realm of our Executive Director Don Southworth's creative program teams - collegiality, continuing education, coaching, and more.


Why do I love being on the UUMA Board?  I could say it's the privilege and fun of working closely with cool people.  Or that it's the sneak preview of next year's Ministry Days venues.  Or that it's the chance to travel and learn.  That's all true.  But at the deepest place in my heart, the reason I love being on the UUMA Board is  READ MORE

Last Day For Institute Scholarships is November 1

Don't be afraid on Halloween to apply for a scholarship to help with the costs of attending the 2015 Institute for Excellence in Ministry!  The last deadline for applying for a UUMA Scholarship is November 1.  If you haven't done so already consider applying for a UUA Continuing Education Grant. Click here for information on how to do so and/or you can contact Alicia Forde.  

Will You Be the UUMA's First Intern?

The UUMA Is hiring its first intern!  If you are hoping to learn about community ministry in a vibrant, supportive non-profit institution and are excited about ministry and the UUMA this job might be for you.  We are now accepting applications for a half-time, 18-24 month internship that will begin as early as January 2015.  The main focus of the internship will be working with our next Beyond the Call program on Entrepreneurial Ministry and assist in the support and growth of UUMA Connect.  The internship is open to people both in and outside the fellowship process. For more information review the job description and contact Don Southworth.

Sustaining the Call Wants You!

Sustaining the Call Testimonial: Jennifer Ryu
Sustaining the Call Testimonial: Jennifer Ryu


Thank you to those of you who have made a pledge, cash donation or legacy gift to the UUMA's first endowment campaign, Sustaining the Call. 100% of the UUMA Board and staff have participated in the campaign so far and we are just starting. This month Board Vice President shares why she is participating in the campaign.  We are inviting people around the continent to be ambassadors and help spread the word about the campaign to colleagues near and far.  We are offering legacy giving training program designed and delivered by the UUA/UUMA  to colleagues so they can increase their personal and professional expertise in this important work of stewardship.  If you want more information about the campaign contact Don Southworth or the campaign co-chairs Kendyl Gibbons or Marlin LavanharIf you want to make a pledge or contribution click here. Thank you for your generosity for colleagues today and tomorrow!

 Quick Survey

This month's quick survey is about collegiality.  The UUMA Collegial Development Committee is wondering how well your needs for collegiality are being met.  

Click here to take the survey. 


Last month we asked for your input on speakers and themes for ministry days.  We received rich and varied responses that we will use in researching and selecting a keynote speaker - stay tuned!  Thank you for participating!

Next Guidelines Web Conversation: Collegial Accountability and Online Ministry - November 18th

Over the next two years, the UUMA Guidelines Committee will be exploring the intersection between social media, online ministry and our guidelines. As part of this exploration, they are hosting a series of web conversations about Social Media and Online Ministry this fall. The final conversation will be on November 18th from 12-1:30pm EST. Click here for more information and to register

Mentor Training
for Chapters

Interested in being trained as a mentor? Check out this video for more information about the new Mentor Training for chapters/clusters/regions offered by the UUMA/UUA.

Mentor Training Promo

Contact Allison Palm if you would like to get a Mentor Training scheduled in your area 


Memberships Expire November 15 

Renew Today!

Are  you confused about this year's membership renewal.  Do not fret - you are not alone.  With changes in the membership year (read more about that here) and the many options designed to offer choices in how you pay - the renewal page is hard to understand.  Here are a few things that might help:

  • Pro-Rated vs Full membership: We expect most members to renew at the pro-rated amount but have listed the non pro-rated amount (Full) for those of you who wish to renew at the normal rate.
  • Auto Renew vs Installments: If you select a membership with Opt. Installments you can either pay your dues in one lump sum or split the total into ten installments. Choosing Auto Renew (not available pro-rated) will save your credit card and automatically charge your next renewal.
  • Existing Auto Renew: If you were previously in the Auto Renew program you must restart.
  • Existing Payment Plans: You must wait for your last payment to post before the system will let you renew for 2014-15.

As with any other UUMA matter, if you need a hand contact Janette Lallier.

Claim your extra hour!  
Don't forget to move your clocks back this weekend!

UUMA Connect Corner

Next UUMA Connect Webinar: 

Conversation on Collegiality with members of the UUMA Collegial Development Committee


The new Collegial Development Committee (CDC) is charged with creating a strategic plan for improving collegiality in both our local and continental programming. Please join members of the CDC for a conversation on the current shape of collegiality and to imagine the future of collegiality in the UUMA.


November 20, 2014 @ 3:00 PM


Click here for more information and to register


Want to get more involved with UUMA Connect? 

We are looking for curators to help build up our resource library. Contact Allison for more information: programs@uuma.org.

Sign up to get a UUMA Coach

 I have been doing these work for over 20 years and have wonderful colleagues and friends but the intentionality of this program and the accountability of it was one of the best things I have gotten since seminary


My coach helped me realize I already knew enough, and was enough, to do this work better.


UUMA Peer Coaches work one-on-one with colleagues over a one-year timespan to help them achieve specific professional goals to take their ministries to the next level. A new batch of coaches will be trained this month and will be paired with coachees in January.

 Click here for more information and to sign up to get a coach.

UUSC Ministerial Leadership Network Wants You!

We'll scratch your back if you'll scratch ours!  UUSC's Ministerial Leadership Network (MLN) is growing!  A hundred colleagues, so far, have committed to help and be helped by UUSC.  The UU Service Committee wants your help and we want to strengthen your ministry.  UUSC wants you to be a UUSC member, give feedback to UUSC, promote UUSC programs, and put a link to UUSC on your website.  In return, we'll offer exclusive conference calls with program experts (e.g. a recent call on the human right to water and Detroit's mass water shut-offs).  We'll give you timely weekly factoids for sermons and newsletters. We'll give your parishioners discounts on College of Social Justice trips.  We'll offer media training and personalized services for MLN members.  


Here's the link to join


And, please, let us know how UUSC can be more relevant to your ministry.  

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



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