E-Update: October 2014
From the Executive Director

September went by so fast.  I guess that could be said for almost any month, especially as I get older, but it was especially true this month.  I suspect the main reason I say that is because I was on the road almost every day.  Travel is one of the requirements of my job but I can't remember a month when I visited more states (nine) than I did in September.  And that's not to mention the states I "virtually"visited with video conference calls.


What's most important about the last month aren't the growing frequent flyer miles in my account or the widening bags under my eyes from being in too many time zones; it's the work we are doing in ministry ... READ MORE

Regional Resource Officer Applications are Closing.

We are adding a new role to the UUMA Good Officers program. The Regional Resource Officer  will be trained in one specific area of potential conflict/tension and be available to Chapter Good Officers and members for training and support.  The first area of expertise we are looking for is in transitions.  Tension often arrives for and between ministers before, during and after times of transition.  If you are interested in being a Regional Resource Officer who specializes in transition work please  click here to apply. Some of the possible transition issues that arise including relations between interim and settled ministers, settled and retired or emeritus ministers and changing staffs.  Applications will be accepted until October 1.

UUMA Seeking its First Intern

Are you or someone you know willing and able to the be the UUMA's Intern? We will be seeking someone to do an internship with the UUMA over the next 18-24 months beginning, ideally, January 2015.  Responsibilities for the internship will include working closely with the Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurship Ministry program and assisting in developing small group and worship possibilities through UUMA Connect.  Our internship will be perfect for someone looking at doing community ministry in an institutional setting and is open to people who are both in or out of the fellowship process.  If you have questions about the internship or have people who might be interested please contact Don Southworth.

Sustaining the Call Wants You!

Sustaining the Call Testimonial by Linda Olson Peebles
Testimonial by Linda Olson Peebles


The UUMA has established our first endowment fund and we need your help to make it grow!  We have a goal to raise $2 million in cash and pledges over the next three years so that we can continue to create and sustain programs that support ministers today and tomorrow.  In this first year of the campaign we are hoping to raise $1 million from our members.  Sounds like a lot of money.  But if 1,000 of our almost 1800 members pledged a $1000 we'd hit a million.  Some can make even larger pledges; some can make one-time donations (the fees from a wedding for example) and everyone can learn how to make a legacy gift (and speak with an expert on how to do that).  Visit our giving page to make your pledge today.  Next month we will be unveiling a new section of our website to honor and appreciate those who are giving.  Each month we bring you a member who shares why they have chosen to give to the campaign.  This month our UUMA President, Linda Olson Peebles, shares her reasons.  If you are interested in sharing why you have given to the campaign please let Don know.  Thank you for your generosity and commitment to your colleagues!

 Quick Survey

This month's quick survey is about the keynote speaker at Ministry Days 2015 in Portland.  The UUMA Board and staff have developed a long list of possibilities and we'd like to add your suggestions to the list.  Two simple questions this month: Who would you like to be next year's keynote speaker at Ministry Days? What topic/theme would you like to see covered?  Click here to take the survey.


Last month we asked how many of you are part of an ongoing, small group of colleagues who keeps each other accountable.  71% of you are in such a group; 10% of you are not and 19% of you are not but would like to be.  Thank you for participating!

Dive in! Registration Rates for the 2015 Institute go up October 1
The UUMA Institute for Excellence in Ministry is just four months away, in Asilomar California. The CENTER Committee, which is organizing the Institute, reminds you of the invitation: to "Dive In" to the seminars, the worship, the time to be together. (Yes, it's not the right ocean, we know, but they are all connected, aren't they?)
Invitation to Asilomar
See you on the Pacific Coast February 2, 2014! Registration rates go up tomorrow so register today for the best rate!  No clergy were harmed in the creation of this video.


Membership Renewal Season is here!

Are  you confused about this year's membership renewal.  Do not fret - you are not alone.  With changes in the membership year (read more about that here) and the many options designed to offer choices in how you pay - the renewal page is hard to understand.  Here are a few things that might help:

  • Pro-Rated vs Full membership: We expect most members to renew at the pro-rated amount but have listed the non pro-rated amount (Full) for those of you who wish to renew at the normal rate.
  • Auto Renew vs Installments: If you select a membership with Opt. Installments you can either pay your dues in one lump sum or split the total into ten installments. Choosing Auto Renew (not available pro-rated) will save your credit card and automatically charge your next renewal.
  • Existing Auto Renew: If you were previously in the Auto Renew program you must restart.
  • Existing Payment Plans: You must wait for your last payment to post before the system will let you renew for 2014-15.

As with any other UUMA matter, if you need a hand contact Janette Lallier.

UUMA Connect Corner

Interested in being trained as a Mentor? 

For our next Connect Webinar, join Lead Mentors Dawn Cooley and Fred Muir, along with members of the Mentoring Taskforce, to learn about the new Mentor Training being offered to chapters, clusters and regions by the UUMA and UUA. This Thursday, October 2nd at 2pm Eastern. Click here to register!



Our last webinar, focused on the UU College of Social Justice, is  now up on Connect. Check it out to learn more about all the great programs available for clergy and seminarians through the UUCSJ.

Want to get more involved with UUMA Connect? 

We are looking for curators to help build up our resource library. Contact Allison for more information: programs@uuma.org.

Committee on Collegial Development Convenes For First Time

The new Committee on Collegial Development convened its first working session last week. The CDC is envisioned to operate as a program committee of the UUMA and is charged "with advising, collaborating and assisting in the development of strategies, programs and best practices for strengthening collegial development throughout the UUMA."


The CDC recognizes that collegial development has long been an ongoing focus of many groups within the UUMA. In doing its work,  the Committee's focus will be to strengthen collegial components of existing programs, improve access and communication across the membership, and fill gaps where they might exist.


During the course of its meeting, the Committee engaged in "visioning" what "good collegiality" looks like, undertook a comprehensive review of existing UUMA programming, discussed what's working and what's not, and established working groups to tackle specific priorities. It also established a time line that targets delivery of a draft strategic plan to the Executive Director by the end of February 2015.


The CDC is comprised of the following members:  Peter Friedrichs, Deborah Raible (co-chairs), Sarah Moldenhaur-Salazar, Brian Kiely, Ashley Horan, Claire Feingold-Thoryn, Marni Harmony and Trica Hart (UUMA Board At-Large).  Don Southworth and Allison Palm staff the committee.  Any questions or comments can be directed to cdc@uuma.org.  We'll keep you posted as plans develop!

Sign up to get a UUMA Coach

"The UUMA coaching program brought a breath of fresh air to my ministry. Although I've been a minister for 25 years, my coach was able to provide fresh insights and areas of explorations for my ministry that I hadn't considered before. I'd highly recommend the coaching program for anyone needing a boost, or those simply wanting to continue to delve deeper into their ministry or personal areas of spiritual growth and development." -UUMA Coachee


Get a jump-start on your New Year's resolutions by signing up for a UUMA Coach today! UUMA Peer Coaches work one-on-one with colleagues over a one-year timespan to help them achieve specific professional goals to take their ministries to the next level. A new batch of coaches will be trained in November and will be paired with coachees in January. Click here for more information and to sign up to get a coach.

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