E-Update: September 2014
From the Executive Director

September has become as much, if not more, the beginning of a new year as January is.  I'm not tempted to sing Auld Lang Syne or drink champagne at the end of Labor Day but my professional excitement and expectation of the year ahead is just as great.  The new year at the UUMA is bringing many changes.  We've lost our Program Coordinator, Jennifer Channin, and have given Allison Palm more hours (she's now 3/4 time) and a new title, Program Assistant.  We are getting ready for our next Beyond the Call program on entrepreneurial ministry, our third Institute for Excellence in Ministry, mentoring and coaching training, and implementing our first endowment campaign.  We've begun a new team (the Collegial Development Committee), added a new good officer role (Regional Resource Officer) and are working on fully implementing UUMA Connect ... READ MORE

Sustaining the Call
Sustaining The Call Testimonial
Sustaining The Call Testimonial 

The UUMA has established our first endowment fund and we need your help to make it grow!  This year we are kicking off Sustaining the Call: A Campaign for Today's and Tomorrow's Ministries with the goals of raising money, honoring our ancestors and increasing our own financial management and stewardship skills.  Each month we'll have one of our members share why they have decided to become a charter member this year and support the campaign.  This month we are happy to have Sarah Gibb Millspaugh, the UUA's Faith Outreach Strategist and former co-chair of CENTER, share her "testimony".   For more information click here

What's New on UUMA Connect

The great team that created Fulfilling the Call: A Model for UU Ministry in the 21st Century has now created an evaluation tool for congregations and ministers. You can find it exclusively on UUMA Connect!


Our first two UUMA Connect Webinars are now posted on the site--one on Sacred Space and Changing Faith and one on the new Beyond The Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry program. We have more webinars in the works. See below for more info!


We have a brand new UUMA Connect Coordinating Team! Tom Schade, Robin Tanner, and Kate Walker are continuing on, and Christian Schmidt, Yvonne Schumacher Strejcek and Laura Horton-Ludwig are joining the team. 


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand and improve UUMA Connect! Feel free to direct any questions, comments or ideas to Allison Palm at programs@uuma.org


 Quick Survey

In the last 15 years the Lily Foundation spent over $100 million on programs to support Excellence in Ministry.  They found the number one factor in ministerial success was taking part in an ongoing, small clergy group where members held each other accountable.  This month we are curious how many of us are part of such a group.  


Application Deadlines for Beyond the Call, Coaching and Regional Resource Officers!

We have a lot of programs and possibilities for you coming due this month.  


Applications for our next Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry are due on September 15. 


Are you ready to become a peer coach?Applications are also due September 15 (training will be held Nov. 17-19).  


Do you have some expertise and passion about ministerial transitions?  Apply to be one of our first Regional Resource Officers to work with Good Officers and colleagues on how we can best support colleagues during ministerial transitions.



Housing at Asilomar


If you have gone to our site to register for housing for the upcoming UUMA CENTER Institute recently, you may have noticed that we appear to be sold out of some types of rooms. We are working with Asilomar and hope to have more rooms open by next week. Check back next week and register promptly if you need a certain kind of room! 


For more details about housing options and costs, check out our housing registration page. If you have any questions, feel free to email Allison at programs@uuma.org.



Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry Application


Application to be a Coach


Application to get a Coach


Application to be a Regional Resource Officer 

"Stellar", "moving", "transformative", "beyond excellent", 

"incredible", "so good...I forgot to critique" 

These words came from the evaluations by your colleagues of the worship services at the 2013 UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence in Ministry. One evaluation said that they "set the bar higher for the whole faith movement." The 2015 Institute aims to fly over that bar with the worship this time around.


Rev. Jason Shelton will be our Music Director, and our Worship Leaders for Morning Worship this year will be:

Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church, NYC 

Rev. Michael Piazza, Co-Director of the Center for Progressive Renewal 

Rev. Kathleen Rolenz, Rev. Mark Belletini and the UUMA's Beyond the Call Preaching and Worship colleagues

Rev. Tom Schade of the Lively Tradition blog and the UUMA CENTER Commitee


There will be evening vespers as well. Watch for that information!

One colleague said that Institute Worship was "the most important part of the Institute for me." 

Dive in!

Registration rates go up on October 1, so register today for the 2015 UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence in Ministry. The next scholarship deadline is coming up as well, on September 1. Apply here.

UUMA Connect is sponsoring its next webinar on September 17th

Join Rev. Kathleen McTigue for a
webinar about the UU College of Social Justice!


The UU College of Social Justice - at the ripe old age of two years! - continues to develop new experiential learning programs. These powerful programs often inspire new commitments for justice engagement, and some of them are designed specifically for ministers and seminarians. This webinar has two purposes: to let our colleagues know what's on the horizon for 2014-15, and to hear back from you about the kinds of programs you would find most useful to your ministries. Join us and help guide our direction!

September 17, 2014 at 4:00 EDT - Register Today!
Stay tuned for details about a Mentoring Webinar with some of our Lead Mentors in early Oct.

Membership Renewals

From the 2014 Treasurer's Annual Report:  A few years ago the UUMA had its first ever financial review.  Part of the reason for having that review was to get professional advice and recommendations on how the UUMA could grow as a financially healthy institution. Among the recommendations that came out of the financial review was to align the term of membership with the fiscal year. Currently, the UUMA has a fiscal year that begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. Until recently, membership renewals occurred on September 15 and were delinquent after November 15.  If you paid your membership dues last November 15th, then your UUMA membership would continue through until the next November 15, 2014.


In order to align the term of membership with the fiscal year, this year will become a transition year.  READ MORE . . .

Ministry Day Video!

The edited versions of the 2014 Ministry Days videos have been posted to the program archive page at uma.org (bottom of the page.)  Here are the direct links for each of the videos: Tuesday Worship, 25/50 Worship, Keynote Address, or the Berry Street Lecture

Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
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