E-Update - July 2014

Revs. Jennifer Y. Ryu and Don Southworth pledge over the edge at UUA General Assembly in Providence!

Ministers and candidates embrace continuing education as an ongoing component to creating excellence in ministry. The UUMA is a primary resource for continuing education for our members, providing continuing education that is flexible, accessible, and has breadth and depth. The UUMA promotes and models mentorship and coaching. The UUMA is an effective partner in ministerial recruitment and formation.

From UUMA Vice President, Jennifer Ryu


When asked to comment on the Continuing Education focus of our vision statement, most of you (63%) agreed that we are doing well in achieving this vision.   Over half agreed that our offerings are relevant to your type of ministry.


The open-ended questions in the survey provided important feedback to the Board and Staff.    These comments expressed a desire for greater partnership with UU groups (MFC, Fahs Collaborative, Interim Network, etc.) as well as with non-UU sources.    We heard most clearly from those serving ministries outside the traditional parish setting.  Candidates in preliminary fellowship, retirees, chaplains in diverse settings, multi-staff ministers, and religious educators voiced a desire for more relevant and accessible programs.   Additionally, ministers who are accredited by other organizations do not rely on the UUMA for continuing education, turning instead to other professional organizations for developmental needs 


From the Executive Director


This month is the last review of our comprehensive survey results from last fall.  In the week after Ministry Days and GA, when I had the chance to interact with so many of you, it seems you are happy with the continuing education we are offering.  And for those of you who weren't able to come to Ministry Days this year, you should know that your colleagues were thinking of you.  For the first time we had a Ministry Days offering for our continuing education scholarship fund.  We raised over $12,000!!  This will allow us to give even more support to colleagues who wish to attend the next Institute for Excellence in Ministry in February.

This month we are inviting you to fill out several applications and surveys... 


Farewell from Jennifer Channin, UUMA Program Coordinator

 Hello Beloved Colleagues,

It seems deeply unfair that one of my last activities as theProgram Coordinator for the UUMA is to help lead Ministry Days. Seeing so many of you in Providence  - in worship, in collegial conversation, and the fleeting moments of connection in hotel and convention center hallways - just reminds me how much I love serving the UUMA. I love planning worship that will renew and care for those who spend their careers caring for others. I love the level of insight and depth that ministers bring to conversations about social organizing, community development, and pastoral care. Being your UUMA Program Coordinator has been a delightful, challenging, and fulfilling first ministry for me, and I cannot imagine a better way to have learned about the full scope of UU ministry than to serve you all for these past two years...READ MORE 

 Quick Survey

Thanks to those who responded to last month's quick survey question about whether the UUMA should make statements/resolutions about divesting from the UUMA retirement/endowment plans.   42% of you said we should resolve sometimes, 29% said you support resolutions and 29% said no, you trusted the plans administrators to make decisions for us.  
This month's survey concerns Ministry Days.  We're curious why people do or do not attend.  Click here to fill out the survey.


Lowest Institute Registration Rate Ends on August 1

If you were waiting until the new fiscal year to register for the third Institute for Excellence in Ministry NOW is the time!  The lowest registration rate ends on August 1.  If you weren't able to apply for a scholarship by July 1, the next UUMA scholarship deadline is September 1 and the next UUA educational grant deadline is January 1.  For more information on the program click here.


Trying to reach Janette this summer?


Janette will be on an extended vacation/study leave from July 6 to Aug 15.  Keep an eye on her facebook page if you want to follow her European adventure.  If you need UUMA help before her return please address your questions as follows:


Allison Palm (office@uuma.org): membership, website, general administrative questions


Don Southworth (executivedirector@uuma.org): finance (including reimbursements), program arrangements, general questions.





Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry Application


Application to be a Coach


Application to get a Coach


Mentoring Survey


UUMA Connect is sponsoring its second Webinar on July 16th

Join Revs. Cheryl M. Walker and Don Southworth for a webinar on Entrepreneurial Ministry!


Don and Cheryl are on the core design team for the next Beyond the Call

program on Entrepreneurial Ministry.  Are you considering applying to the program?  Would you like to learn more about why we have chosen entrepreneurial ministry as the next Beyond the Call theme?  Join us as we discuss the details and requirements of the program and discuss the many types of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial projects that we will be considering.


July 16, 2014 at 4:00 EDT - Register Today!

Sustaining the Call Awaits Your Pledge - Over $80,000 raised in pledges and contributions in the first week!

One of the highlights of my week in Providence was the opportunity to listen to Kendyl Gibbons, Marlin Lavanhar and Carolyn Owen-Towle describe the reasons why they are enthusiastically supporting creation of the first UUMA endowment fund, Sustaining the Call - A Campaign for Today's and Tomorrow's Ministries.  If you didn't get the chance to see them live at the annual meeting please check out the video.  Later in the week at a small kick-off party I was moved to tears as I heard stories of what the UUMA has meant to some of our colleagues.  The words of our elders, mixed with some of our newest ministers and those of partners and spouses on how colleagues have made a profound difference in the lives and ministries of so many inspired me to make a $10,000 pledge to the campaign and a legacy gift as well.  This is a stretch for my family and me but I don't know anything I want to support more than the future of our ministry.  I hope you'll join me in being a charter member of the Sustaining the Call campaign (click here for more information) and that you will let us know how you can help and who we should talk to make this campaign for today and tomorrow a huge success.


-Don Southworth

UUMA Executive Director

Thanks to our Ministry Days Worship Leaders & Musicians!

A special thanks to our Vespers Worship Team: Rev. Kevin Tarsa (who was honored in the Service of the Living Tradition for receiving Preliminary Fellowship!), community minister and UUA Legacy Gifts Manager, Rev. Laura Randall, and UUMA Program Coordinator Rev. Jennifer Channin. Also, gratitude to the amazing singers and musicians: Eva Kendrick, Rev. Rebecca Hinds, Craig Rubano, Rev. Christian Schmidt, Rev. Maddie Sifantus, and Joel Sindelar!   

Thanks also to our musicians at the opening worship: Eva Kendrick, Rev. David Carl Olson, Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger, Rev. Ian Riddell, Rev. Josh Pawelek, Rev. Jennifer Channin, Anne Watson Born, Shawn McCann, and Janette Lallier


And those in the 25/50 service: Beth Norton, Mark David Buckles, Stuart Schulman, Anne Watson Born, Shawn McCann, Rev. Josh Pawelek and everyone who sang in the choir.

If You Weren't At Ministry Days...

Be sure to watch the videos of Marshall Ganz, our opening and 25/50 worship services and the annual meeting.  Also, check out the on-site handouts that included the CENTER News with all the continuing education happenings, the Sustaining the Call brochure and pledge card, brochures for Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry and the Nominating Committee and the details for the annual meeting. You can find the unedited livestream of Ministry Days at   www.livestream.com/uuma  Watch this e-update for news of the edited postings.


Be In Touch!

Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!

Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.



Rev. Don Southworth,  

Executive Director  
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