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Vol. 4 Issue 3 ~ April 2013

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Spring Newsletter Posted

Read even more about UUMA comings and goings, ministerial obituaries, and UUA and member announcements.

Click here for the UUMA News Page 

Registration for Ministry Days Open!   Rates increase May 1.

Registration is open for Ministry Days on the UUMA Website.  Scholarship Deadline is APRIL 5: http://www.uuma.org/event/md2013.

A few new things this year:

  • Everyone who registers will receive a copy of Lillian Daniel's newest book.
  • Special access and reception at the Muhammad Ali Center on Monday night. 
  • A Tuesday evening vesper service! 
  • More flex time to spend with colleagues. 

Institute 2013 Videos Now Available!

We have posted all the videos from the 2013 Institute except Jai Uttal’s Vespers (due to technical difficulties.) Below are the direct links to each service. We have made the videos available to everyone so encourage your religious professional colleagues and congregations to view them. You can also find all the institute video links at: http://www.uuma.org/?page=2013InstituteVideos

Monday Welcome Vespers with Keith Arnold: http://www.uuma.org/?page=2013InstituteMonday1

Tuesday Worship with Rev. Cheryl Walker: http://www.uuma.org/?page=2013InstituteTues1

Wednesday Worship with Rev. Mark Belletini: http://www.uuma.org/?page=2013InstituteWed1

Wednesday Vespers with Rev. Abhi Janamanchi: http://www.uuma.org/?page=2013InstituteWed2

Thursday Worship with Rev. Vanessa Southern: http://www.uuma.org/?page=2013InstituteThurs1

Friday Worship with Rev. James Forbes:

Friday Closing Panel:

UUA Moderator Elections 

The UUMA will be hosting two webinars to give Jim Key and Tamara Payne-Alex the chance to answer questions from our members and to discuss their plans if they are elected moderator. The webinars will be held on Friday May 17 from 1-2:30 pm Eastern Time and Wednesday May 29 from 7-8:30 pm Eastern. If you have a question you'd like to ask please email it to Don Southworth at executivedirector@uuma.org. Look for more information in the May E-Update and the UUMA Facebook page on how to join the one of the webinars.

Ahh April...the time for spring blossoms, baseball and the joys and heartbreaks of the Unitarian Universalist ministerial search process. Reading Facebook posts of excited colleagues looking forward to candidating weeks, having conversations with disappointed colleagues wondering where there call is leading them next, and who are in various places of hope and concern over budgets, staffing and futures at the congregations or institutions they serve, I am constantly reminded of the ups and downs of a ministers’ life.

This past Monday UUA Professional Development Director Alicia Forde, UUA Health Plan Director Jim Sargent and I met with three people at Duke University who have been the leaders of the largest clergy health and wellness program in the country. We spent the day sharing stories about the (minuscule) differences between United Methodist ministers in North Carolina and Unitarian Universalist ministers, learned about the program and speculated on what we could use in creating a health and wellness program of our own.

It was a wonderful meeting.  We are looking forward to starting something for our ministers soon and staying in conversation with the people we met. One of the most interesting findings from the program’s first three years has been that ministers are above average in experiencing both depression and job satisfaction. When I heard the list of questions that comprise depression testing (mainly about positive/negative emotions someone has experienced in the last month) I was struck with how ministers naturally are exposed to all of them much more frequently and intensely than many, if not most people. We are privileged to share great joys and great sorrows with people, we celebrate life and worship and we grieve death and goodbyes. Sometimes all within a matter of hours. No wonder we both love our jobs and can get depressed.

During this time of year when the beauty and new life of spring surrounds us, when so many look forward to adventures and opportunities with such hope and joy, may we remember our colleague, our friend for who this spring is not a time of hope and joy, but of heartbreak and sorrow. Maybe because of a dream that didn't come true, a ministry that has become too much of a burden to continue, or a life, that for today, has more thorns than roses.  Be good to yourselves and each other!


Don Southworth
UUMA Executive Director

Is Coaching Right For You?

Coaching--the practice of support through the process of achieving specific objectives--is a powerful tool for meeting our personal and professional goals.The UUMA Coaching Program is accepting applications, starting April 1st, from members in final fellowship, who would like to be matched with one of our trained coaches. Visit our website (http://www.uuma.org/?page=request_a_coach) to request a coach for yourself, or contact Jennifer Channin, programcoord@uuma.org, with any questions.

What Are Your Favorite Resources For Your Ministry?

The CENTER committee is working on creating a central website (most likely the UUMA's) as the first place you can look for resources, online learning opportunities and collegial connections. Imagine online study groups or small group ministries connecting colleagues from all across the world via video chat; resources for worship and your own personal spiritual practice; a clearing house for easily searchable images, poetry, sermons and essays, and webinars or videos on specific topics. We are in the preliminary phase of development and we want your input. Please send us your ideas for resources to be included on our resources page: links to the blogs you write or read, poetry websites, images for worship (non-copyrighted), your favorite readings, etc. Send them to onlinelearning@uuma.org. Keep your eye out for new online content by the end of the year.

 CENTER Presenter Applications Are Being Accepted

Do you, or someone you know, have something to share with our colleagues to enhance their ministry? We are accepting applications for CENTER Presenters. CENTER Presenters lead a 6-12 hour program for UUMA chapter/cluster meetings or retreats. We are looking for a small cadre of presenters who have proven leadership and presentation skills in targeted areas that will help develop excellence in areas identified as crucial to our success. To learn more about the program and to apply click here. If you have any questions contact Jennifer Channin, UUMA Program Coordinator, or Marta Valentin, CENTER Presenter Director.


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Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.

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