Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association
Membership Counts: E-Update
Vol. 4 Issue 2 ~ February 2013

Dear UUMA Member,

The E-Update is a little late this month. I know how eagerly y'all wait near your email box for news of and from your professional association. (Please humor me and don’t tell me this isn't true!) I am still recovering, as I suspect many of our members are, from the second Institute for Excellence in Ministry. It was a glorious week.

Over 425 of us worshiped, learned, celebrated, and relaxed on the Florida Gulf Coast. The gratitude shown to and for the UUMA CENTER team and UUMA staff was deeply felt and appreciated. I have already begun thinking and planning our next Institute, February 2-6, 2015, at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California.

I hope you will be there. If you have been to either of the first two Institutes there is a good chance you will be. Many of you have told us that this new tradition has quickly become something you can't, you won't, miss. If you haven't been to the Institute it is probably because of one of two reasons. The thought of being with 400+ of your colleagues to learn, worship and have fun isn't something you value. While I personally can't imagine that, I know that it is true for some of you. I suspect the other reason is more likely - you don't think you can afford it.

My goal for the next Institute is that nobody who is in active ministry misses out because they can't afford it. We (both the UUMA and UUA) gave more money away in scholarships than we ever have before for this Institute. Some people didn't ask. We gave some free rides for this Institute (registration, travel and lodging all paid for) and many people didn't ask or asked too late. We sent letters out to congregations and institutions from the Presidents of the UUMA and UUA to tell lay leaders and supervisors how important the Institute is for their minister's development and well-being but not very many of you asked.

We have 729 days to save and plan for the 2015 Institute. While I can't promise that seminarians will be able to afford to attend (this is primarily a continuing education event), if you want to be there we - I - will help to make it so. In the next few weeks we will put the amazing worship services we experienced up on our website for all to watch. We will be announcing in the next few months ways everyone, whether or not you were at the Institute, will be able to continue the learning that we begun last week.

The Institute is a symbol of your stronger UUMA. It is one of many ways we are trying to raise the bar and offer more continuing education and collegiality for our members to not only be better ministers but, hopefully, to enjoy ministry even more. The Institute and every other aspect of UUMA life is a lot like ministry - it's about showing up and being present. We'll do all we can to make sure cost isn't a barrier.


Don Southworth
UUMA Executive Director

2013 UUMA Ministry Days Registration Begins March 1

We hope you will join us for our 2013 UUMA Ministry Days in Louisville, Kentucky. Look for a postcard in your mail box with more details about the program. You can look forward to many new additions to Ministry Days this year. We will begin with a special tour and reception at the Muhammad Ali Center on Monday night, June 17. The UUMA Board of Trustees will welcome us with opening worship on Tuesday morning and Rev. Lillian Daniel will be our keynote speaker. We are adding a vespers service on Tuesday night to be held at our Louisville congregation and we are giving you more time to connect with colleagues. Visit www.uuma.org/event/md2013 for the new proposed schedule.  Registration will open on March 1 and scholarships will be available for those who need them.

Updates from Key UUMA Committees - CARM 

The E-Update began as a way for the Executive Director to let you know all the things happening in your UUMA. This month we begin a new "feature" where UUMA Committees and other leaders share information on what they're doing. This month is a letter from Parisa Parsa, who holds the UUMA's ARAOM portfolio and convenes our Committee on Anti Racism and Multiculturalism.

Dear Colleagues,

There’s always a tough balance to strike between doing our work and telling about it, and I have recently become aware that while the UUMA has been doing a lot of work on becoming a more anti-oppressive, multi-cultural organization we haven’t been telling about it near enough. So let me fill you in!

The UUMA Board is working toward the following vision for our professional association by 2016:

UUMA members are engaged in anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism as essential components of effective and excellent ministry. The UUMA is a leader in guiding Unitarian Universalism in the multicultural world in which we live and the communities in which we serve. This vision is manifest in UUMA collegial gatherings, continuing education, and governance.

Click here to read the entire letter on the UUMA website. (have trouble with PDF links?  Visit the CARM page directly at: https://uuma.site-ym.com/?comaraom)

Planning for your Retirement

One aspect of ministerial life that is often neglected or put aside is planning for your future years beyond ministry. That major transition for you and your partner is not only financial but also heralds emotional responses and relational changes. To help you to prepare and move through that time gracefully, the Unitarian Universalist Retired Ministers and Partners Association invites you to view and/or download On Retirement: A Guide for UU Ministers and Partners. There you can read about financial aspects of retirement, best collegial practices (for both minister and partner), advice on adapting to your new lifestyle (including how to be active in a church), life examples from those who have retired before you, and much more. Are you beginning to contemplate retirement? Do you know someone who is? You might offer the Guide as a resource for that person. The Guide is found at www.uurmapa.org. Click on Resources and then on the cover of the Guide shown there.

Call for Sermons!

Have you heard a dynamic sermon promoting the financial support of Unitarian Universalism as it affirms our faith, vision, and future? If so, please send a copy to apf@uua.org! We want to share these sermons with our UU community. The UUA will present a Stewardship Sermon Award in the summer of 2013 to the sermon that best promotes generosity and financial stewardship. UU professional religious leaders or those in at least their second year of professional leadership study are eligible for consideration. Sermons must be submitted by February 20, 2013  Contact apf@uua.org for more details.  

Looking For UUMA Leaders!

Have you filled out your UUMA profile and included information about your gifts and where you would like to share them in the UUMA?  When we recruit new leaders for our standing committees such as CENTER and the Guidelines and ARAOM Committees, we start by looking at who has indicated a desire to serve via their profile.  To fill out your profile log in to uuma.org and click on Manage Profile (under the My Profile Menu) and then click on Edit Bio.  The gifts and talents sections are located at the bottom of the page.



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Rev. Don Southworth, Executive Director
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