Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association
Membership Counts: E-Update
Vol. 3 Issue 10 ~ October 2012

Dear UUMA Member,

I am writing to you today, my third anniversary as the first Executive Director of your UUMA, from a familiar place - 30,000 feet above theearth. I’m flying to visit the PrairieStar Chapter, the twentieth chapter I’ve visited since taking the job. It has taken me three years but I can now sayI’ve visited every chapter around the continent (and a few other gathering ofcolleagues around the world) at least once.

The UUMA has changed a lot in three years. I was reminded of this last week at our firstCENTER team meeting of the year. We havegrown in every possible way - we have more members, in both the UUMA and on theCENTER team; we have more staff, we have more programs, we have more peopleengaged in UUMA leadership and we have more (and stronger) connections with theUUA and other organizations throughout the Unitarian Universalist world. We still have more growing to do, in ourability to serve all members of the UUMA more effectively and in realizing oneof my favorite sentences of our strategic plan.

The UUMA Board has created vision statements in five areas(collegial development, continuing education, ARAOM, organizational health andeffectiveness and collegiality, relationship to Unitarian Universalism) whichguide our work. . The sentence I’mreferring to is under our collegial development vision statement: "Shapedby a culture of vulnerability, intimacy, trust and accountability to oneanother, we embrace leadership and mutual learning and model excellence inministry through collegiality.”

The last few months I’ve noticed something that seems to beone of our greatest challenges in being vulnerable as ministers - asking forhelp. We are in the "help-giving”business but we often don’t practice what we preach. Examples?Only twenty members have signed up to have a trained UUMA coach workwith them on an area of their ministry where they want to improve. I’ve spoken with people who have told me theywould really like to attend the Institute but can’t afford it. I’ve encouraged them to apply forscholarships and ask for a letter from the UUA and UUMA president. But they do neither. From time to time our members get in troublein their ministries, sometimes because of something they’ve done wrong,sometimes because they’re in a toxic environment for ministry. More often than not they wait too long tohave a Good Officer work with them or reach out to a colleague for help.

Anne Lamott claims there are only three prayers we need toknow and say - help, thank you and wow.Ministry offers us the chance to observe and practice these prayers eachday. We know the honor and joy of beingasked to help, why not return the favor?Shaped by aculture of vulnerability, intimacy, trust and accountability to one another...avision, a goal that we make happen a little more each day when we turn toanother and ask for help. Try it...1700+colleagues are waiting to help.

Thanks for three great years!


Don Southworth

UUMA Executive Director

Last Chance To Get A Coach This Year

This week is the last opportunity to sign up for a coach until early 2013. We have 30 of your colleagues trained to coach you in any of eight areas - Preaching & Worship Arts, Lifespan Programming, Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies, Spiritual Practices & Growth, Conflict Management, Practices & Challenges of Growth, Community Development & Social Justice and Supervision & Staff Development. UUMA members in final fellowship will get 8-12 coaching sessions over the year and pay the bargain price of $100 (a benefit of your UUMA membership.) To get more details about the program and apply for a coach visit https://uuma.site-ym.com/?page=request_a_coach. Applications for coaches will be accepted until October 3 and coaches will be assigned by October 15. If you have questions email coaching@uuma.org.

The 2013 Institute ForExcellence in Ministry - Something for Everyone!

What do you need most in your ministry this year? Nurture and inspiration? Watch a beach sunset four nights in a row andbegin the day with outstanding worship and music. Learning and study? Attend a seminar led by one of our seminaryprofessors from Starr King, Meadville Lombard or Harvard. Practical arts/skills of ministry? Attend a seminar led by some of our mostdynamic and successful colleagues.Something for your body and spirit?Wake up to a morning spiritual practice, dance or learn Kirtan andyoga. Collegiality and friendship? Gather round the fire pit or in the karaokebar with old and new friends. All ofthis and more awaits you at the 2013 Institute in St. Peter Beach, FL. Worried about the costs? We have given over $15,000 away inscholarships so far, the last deadline is November 1, and we’ll send a customizedletter to your congregation or community from the Presidents of the UUMA andUUA to encourage them to support your attendance. Don’t miss what some have said is the bestlearning experience in their 40 years of ministry and others have told us "helpedsave their ministry.” To register clickvisit: http://uuma.site-ym.com/events/event_details.asp?alias=institute.To register for you housing (which must be done separately) visit this site: http://uuma.site-ym.com/event/institutehousing.

Connecting with UUMA Staff

Now that the UUMA Staff is growing there are more people available to help!  To reach the entire staff you can email staff@uuma.org.  To reach us individually our emails are below.  Let us know how we can help!


Rev. Don SouthworthExecutive Director
General UUMA Questions including funding, programs, and collegial support
Janette LallierDirector of AdministrationMembership, registrations, general administrative questions.
Jennifer ChanninProgram CoordinatorUUMA Program Questions
Allison PalmOffice AssistantWebsite assistance, registrations, general administrative questions.

Membership Renewals Due Nov. 15

According tothe UUMA Bylaws all membership dues are payable on September 15th and due byNovember 15th of each year. The easiest way to renew is to log in to yourUUMA profile and click on Membership Information (the last link on the righthand side "My Profile" menu). Each year we revisit and adjustthe dues structure to better serve our membership - this year the biggestchange is the addition of a separate dues scale for those members working incommunity ministries. To review the new dues structure visit: http://uuma.site-ym.com/?page=dues.

SpecialNote: The webpage is going to send out an automatic reminder of your needto renew on Nov. 14 (only if you have not yet renewed).Please do not be alarmed by the generic nature of this message, it is simplyintended to be a gentle reminder of the renewal process.

Celebrate Thirty Days of Love and Help Support Our Association

The UnitarianUniversalist Association (UUA) invites congregations to join together to hold aservice and take a collection to support our Association through Thirty Days of Love!

From Martin Luther King,Jr. Day in January to Valentine’s Day in February, thousands of people willcome together to worship and act for love and social justice.

Association Sundayofficially came to a close in 2011, but we hope you will continue the traditionof holding a special service to nurture the connections between our UnitarianUniversalist congregations during Thirty Days of Love.

The celebration willofficially run Saturday, January 19th through Sunday, February 17th, 2013, butyou may hold your service whenever is most convenient for your congregation. Wewelcome you to save a date in your church calendar now! An officialannouncement featuring information and resources for the Thirty Days of Lovewill be sent to all congregations in the next couple of months, but pleasecontact development@uua.org if you have any questions in the meantime.

This will be a wonderfultime to connect with others who are dedicated to standing on the side of love,and to support our Association together!

 Be In Touch!
Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!
Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.

Rev. Don Southworth, Executive Director
UU Ministers Association

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