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Volume 3 Issue 8 ~ August 2012

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Membership Renewals

You can now renew your membership at uuma.org. Log in to your profile and navigate to the membership information screen (link under the right hand side My Profile menu).

Your dues may be scheduled to process automatically on Nov. 15. If you have changed membership categories or have a new credit card please log into your membership information screen and cancel the awaiting transaction. Contact Janette if you need assistance.

ATTENTION Community Ministers and Members living outside of US/Canada: This year there is a new dues structure for those members serving in community ministries or outside the US/Canada. If you have an automatic transaction waiting to process it will be based on the parish minister dues scale. Please log in and cancel the awaiting transaction and renew manually to renew at the new level.

Retired Ministers Task Force

The Retired Ministers met last week in Bellevue, WA below are pictures of the committee - many thanks for their fine work!

Pictured (L-R) Mary Hnottavange-Telleen, John Robinson, Bill Hamilton-Holway, Peter Luton, Fritz Hudson, Chris Lilly Backus/Jim Eller

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Dear UUMA Member,

I’m writing to you this month from a coffee shop in the heart of Silicon Valley. A small shop, in a small town, filled with people having conversations, reading newspapers and interacting with the electronic tools where some of us have our most time-consuming relationship. I’ve enjoyed a wonderful few weeks of travel and pilgrimage to Italy and Silicon Valley. Perhaps you have followed my journeys and reflections (or would like to) on my new blog which you can find at calltrepreneurship.com.

I have been in the ministry since 2000 but have never stayed in one place long enough to earn a sabbatical. Perhaps I will spend enough time at the UUMA to enjoy an extended sabbatical. My history is against me (I’ve never been in the same job longer than five years) but history doesn’t always need to repeat itself. I have tried to think of this month as a mini-sabbatical. It’s been wonderful and I am so grateful to be able to work for an organization that supports their Executive Director taking a month off.

The world has continued to spin on its joyful and heartbreaking orbit while I’ve been away. The contrast of roaming in the ancient ruins of Rome, praying in the same places where St. Francis and Clare did, and walking by the places where technology is comparatively seconds/minutes old has been both jarring and soothing. The world keeps changing and yet it doesn’t change at all. You are the rare group of people who I can mention the transient and permanent to and almost everyone knows what I’m talking about.

Theodore Parker’s sermon was one of the first things I read in seminary. His words still resonate and challenge 16 years later. "What is of absolute value never changes; we may cling round it and grow to it forever...The question puts itself to each (of us), "Will you cling to what is perishing, or embrace what is eternal?” This question each must answer.”

When it comes to ministry and how we spend our days, what is transient and what is eternal? In these days when liberal religion is becoming less relevant to so many people what must we cling to and what must we let go of? In ourselves, in our congregations and institutions, in our callings? These are the questions that seem to find their ways into my spirit as I take time away from the job. What questions are bubbling up in you? You may be taking some time away in August or preparing for another congregational year, my wish is you have and take the time to reflect on the transient and permanent in your life and your work.


Don Southworth
UUMA Executive Director

Institute Registration - Rates Increase and Scholarship Deadline Wed. Aug 1

Registration rates for the institute increase on Wednesday, August 1. Take advantage of the lower rates and register now. In order to qualify for the lower rate your registration must be completed and paid (postmarked for mailed payments) for by August 1. After the registration date passes all registrations will be adjusted for the new rate. If you need assistance email Janette at administrator@uuma.org. To register click visit: http://uuma.site-ym.com/events/event_details.asp?alias=institute. To register for you housing (which must be done separately) visit this site: http://uuma.site-ym.com/event/institutehousing.

We gave almost $6,000 in scholarship grants to our first wave of colleagues who applied by July 1. The deadline for applying for a full scholarship to the Institute (all registration and lodging expenses) is August 1. The next deadline for applying for a partial scholarships is September 1. Be sure to apply for a UUA continuing education grant as well.

Please note that to reserve your housing you may either CALL the Sirata Beach Resort or book through the UUMA Website. If you book a room through the Sirata website you will not get the specially negotiated conference rate. If you have already booked through the Sirata website please contact Janette so your reservation can be adjusted.


Deadline for Applications for New UUMA Staff Positions is August 15

The UUMA is growing in many ways and we need more staff to help us better serve our membership. The 2012-13 budget that was passed in Phoenix included the addition of two part-time positions to the UUMA staff. We are looking for a half-time Program Coordinator to assist with developing and implementing our growing number of programs and we are looking for a quarter-time Office Assistant to help with the administrative needs. Information on the positions and the process for applying can be found here: https://uuma.site-ym.com/?job_opportunities. Applications are due by August 15 and we hope to fill the positions by mid-late September. If you have any questions about the jobs contact Don or Janette.


Sign Up For a UUMA Coach Now!

We have trained our first class of UUMA coaches; now the next move is up to you! For the bargain price of $100 you have the opportunity to work with a trained UUMA coach who is able to work with you for 8-12 sessions, in the next year, in one of eight important areas of ministry: Preaching & Worship Arts, Lifespan Programming, Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies, Spiritual Practices & Growth, Conflict Management, Practices & Challenges of Growth, Community Development & Social Justice and Supervision & Staff Development. To get more details about the program and coaching areas see click here and to apply for a coach visit https://uuma.site-ym.com/?page=request_a_coach. Applications for coaches will be accepted until September 1 and coaches will be assigned by September 15. If you have questions email coaching@uuma.org.
Be In Touch! Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!
Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.

Rev. Don Southworth, Executive Director
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