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April 2011 - Vol 2, Issue 4
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Thinking about Retirement?

If you are thinking about or preparing for retirement the Unitarian Universsalist Retired Ministers and Partners Association (UURMaPA) invites you to check out their helpful resource, On Retirement: A Helpful Guide for UU Ministers and Partners, available for download from www.uurmapa.org. This is a guide written by and for UU ministers and partners and contains many good ideas and wise suggestions

April UUMA.ORG News
For the past ten months we have been transitioning from our old website to our new membership community. We are hoping to conclude the transition by our one year mark on May 15. The most recent move was the relocation of all the Berry Street Essays. If you have been looking for an essay or information about the Conference in general it can now all be found by clicking here or under the menu tab entitled "Resources "

Is there something missing on uuma.org? Let us know! We are always open to comments and suggestions!

Singing the Living Tradition
It’s time for a new supplement to Singing the Living Tradition! I’m pleased to tell you that the UUA Publications Office is working with a task force to develop a new collection of worship readings. The task force consists of Rev. Mark Belletini (Chair), Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, Rev. Angela Herrera, Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, and Rev. Hope Johnson, and I’m serving as the UUA staff liaison. We warmly invite you to submit your favorite readings and offer general suggestions.

Similar invitations are being sent out to staff at UUA headquarters and districts, religious educators, lay leaders, seminarians, musicians, identity groups, military chaplains, community ministers, and UU historians. Please contact me at
mbenard@uua.orgif you would like to see this invitation posted on a particular email list, web site, or other public venue, so that we can avoid duplication of effort and redundant or conflicting messaging. We welcome your input!

We have identified some themes that we’d particularly like to see reflected in this publication, although all suggestions are welcome.

- Spanish and bilingual (Spanish and English) readings

- Short liturgical readings
- World religious holidays
- Liturgical readings from international interfaith partners
- Readings from UU history that have contemporary relevance
- Forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation
- Accountability
- Class oppression
- Military service
- Suffering
- Multicultural diversity
- Hospitality, welcoming the stranger
- Readings by/for youth/young adults
- Readings suitable for multigenerational worship
- Faith development

Submission Information:

Send text of reading to worshipreadings@uua.org or send a hard copy Attention: Worship Readings, Publications Office, UUA, 25 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108. Please do not send submissions or input to task force members.Having all input come to one address will help us stay organized!
Please provide complete source information: author, title of reading, title of publication.

Please do not post submissions to listservs or websites or include them in any print or electronic group mailings.We want to respect intellectual property rights and avoid copyright infringement.

Submissions are due on April 15, 2011.

Thanks so much for your help. I look forward to hearing from you!


Mary Benard, Editorial Director, Publications Office
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

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Dear UUMA Member,
The spring is a busy time for our UUMA chapters around North America and therefore it is especially busy for me. I am in the midst of a seven-week stretch where I have the joy and privilege of visiting eight of our chapters. My goal has been to visit all of our twenty chapters within my first two years on the job (the length of my "Acting" contract) and I will have only three left to visit in the fall.

This week when I was in Muncie, Indiana at our Heartland chapter meeting, I thought to myself, "what a great job I have". And I wondered, how many days I feel like that and how many days our active ministers feel like that.

I have had many different jobs since I was 12 years old. Fortunately, I have enjoyed most days and most jobs. But being a minister is more than a job. It is a calling. A calling that means different things to different ministers but is at its core a commitment to live/work/serve with all of ourselves. On those days when everything is working, when we are connected with that which feeds and nurtures us and our best selves are being offered and received completely, ministry is unbelievable. But on those days when we are lonely and frustrated, with ourselves and with those we serve, ministry is a lot more difficult than being a sales or training manager (two of my former jobs).

This week the Alban Institute's weekly email talked about how ministers are dealing with the loneliness that is often part of the job. Taking part in small peer groups is a growing practice. It seems to be among our members as well, with more ways to do so coming soon.

The UUMA's mission to nurture excellence in ministry through continuing education and collegiality is the impetus for all the programs we are planning and work Janette and I do. Maybe our goal is even simpler. To have more of our members be able to say, more often, "what a great job I have". As we prepare for the work, and the hope, that comes with spring and Easter, may we remember those among us who aren't feeling too grateful or fortunate these days, and may we offer our hands and hearts in whatever way we can.

Thank you for the chance to do this work...even on those days when I may not remember how fortunate I am!
Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director, UUMA
Ministry Days - Early Registration Ends April 30
Are you planning on being in Charlotte for Ministry Days? We hope so! Given that many of the Charlotte hotels are already full we anticipate that this Ministry Days and GA will bring record numbers to Charlotte to celebrate the 50th anniversary. To date 134 people have registered and paid for Ministry Days - are you among them? You can double check the RSVP list at http://uuma.site-ym.com/events/list.asp?id=132790. There are three reasons why your name might not appear on this list: 1. Your registration has not yet been processed (depending on Janette's workload this could take 24-48 hours), 2. You registered but your payment has not yet been received, 3. You have not yet registered.

If you already have your plane ticket and hotel room - why not save a few dollars and register for Ministry Days - rates will go up on May 1. To register follow the link below.

Also - please remember that some limited scholarship funds are available. Apply before April 10 at: www.uuma.org/scholarship (must be logged in). Awards will be announced by April 20 to give you time to register before the rates increase.

We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!!

Registration: www.uuma.org/event/md2011
Scholarships: www.uuma.org/scholarship
Schedule: www.uuma.org/?page=ministrydayssch

Whose Are We? Sermon & Essay Chapter Contest

The UUMA Executive Committee has created a vision statement for chapter health by 2014 that states, in part, "We gather in a covenant shaped by a culture of vulnerability, intimacy, trust and accountability to one another in which leadership and learning are embraced.” The Whose Are We program gives us a chance to speak intimately and deeply about that which we are called to serve and what nurtures our ministries. Over the past year chapters have engaged in this very transforming conversation.

Whose are We chapter awards will give us the chance to learn more from each other and provide more opportunities for us to share with the larger Unitarian Universalist movement. Participation will be determined by the number of chapter members who attend the Whose Are We conversations and who then preach or write an essay on their experience and share it with their UUMA colleagues.

Sermons and essays will be collected from April 1, 2011 through October 31, 2011. Awards will be announced by December 31, 2011.

Sermons and essays may be posted to 20 file libraries located at: https://uuma.site-ym.com/?whosearewesermons. To add your sermon or essay to your chapter file library click the 'add file' link in the library for your chapter. You should be signed in as a member. Additional directions are found on the page.

Are You Interested in Serving the UUMA on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee?

Pending a bylaw change at the 2011 General Assembly the UUMA will have two more seats to fill on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. In an effort to utilize all the talents and gifts of our full membership the Executive Committee will be asking for applications from interested members.

This important appointment is just one example of the many ways you can serve your professional organization. To learn and be able to access the talents, gifts, and passions of our membership we have created two new profile tabs to begin to create a continental membership talent database. Log in to your account and click on Manage Profile and then Edit Bio to complete these two new fields: 'UUMA Committee Interest' and 'Gifts and Talents'

If you are interested in serving on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee on behalf of the UUMA please select the MFC tab under the UUMA Committee Interest field and we will forward you an application form once they have been created.

As always if you run into problems please let Janette or Don know.

Strategic Review of Professional Ministries Draft Report and UUMA Executive Committee Feedback
The UUMA Executive Committee was asked to give feedback to the UUA's draft Strategic Review of Professional Ministries, a lengthy report that outlines many questions and recommendations for the future or our ministries. The draft report and the Executive Commitee's feedback are available to review here. (you must be signed in) The UUA will be issuing a final report, after reviewing the more than 200 pages of feedback they received, and members of the task force will be facilitating a collegial conversation about the report, recommendations and open questions left to ponder at Ministry Days.

Association Sunday 2011 - Sign up and Support Professional Development!

The UUMA Executive Committee voted at their March meeting to make a lead gift to Association Sunday 2011, with the goal of 100% participation from the Committee. (Your UUMA staff has also agreed to 100% participation.) The UUA description of Association Sunday 2011:

"We know that excellence in ministries is the cornerstone of successful congregations and a vibrant, growing Unitarian Universalism. This year, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association will partner with the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network, Liberal Religious Educators Association, and other professional organizations to celebrate Association Sunday and to raise funds for the future of our ministries.

Donations to Association Sunday 2011 will support scholarships, continuing education, and a comprehensive assessment of our ministries and their needs for the future. Grants from Association Sunday 2011 funds will help religious professionals get ongoing training to support thriving congregations."

We are working with LREDA, UUMN and the UUA staff in creating the worship resource guide for Association Sunday 2011. The UUA has advised us that 2/3 of the money raised will be given to the professional organizations for scholarships, assessment and continuing education. We hope our members will take an active leadership role in making Association Sunday 2011 a huge success!

The target date for Association Sunday 2011 is October 2, 2011. To get more information and to sign your congregation up click here.

Be In Touch! Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!
Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.
Rev. Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director
Email: executivedirector@uuma.org
Phone: 617-848-0416
Fax: 617-848-8122

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