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February 2011 - Vol 2, Issue 2
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Allies For Racial Equality Conference - March 25-27, 2011
The Allies for Racial Equality 2011 Conference, Commitment in Action, will be held March 25-27 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ft. Meyers.  Click here to get more information. If you want more information email Melissa Carvil Ziemer, Acting ARE Conference and Events Coordinator.

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Dear UUMA Member,
Tomorrow I leave for California - weather willing - to prepare to welcome 375 of you to the first UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence in Ministry at beautiful, mainly sunny Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA.  As someone who was hired, in part, to make this long-time dream come true, I am excited to see so many people's vision finally come to life.  As the person who has spent hours, both day and night, making sure the details come together just right (knowing they NEVER do), I am looking forward to the day after we depart celebrating a new tradition.

Most UUMA members won't be joining us next week.  You will be missed.  Some of you won't be there because of other commitments.  Some cannot afford the time or money to be away.  Some of you may not have been compelled by the program.  And some, perhaps, forgot to sign up.  We hope to bring a little of the Institute to everyone.  We will be video-taping all worship services and our panel discussion on "What is required for Unitarian Univeraslism to live into its promise and be a transformative religion for our people and our world?'  Four of our eight seminars will be audio-taped and we hope to have study guides available for groups of colleagues to listen and learn together.  We plan on having all of this on the website by early Spring.  I suspect - and hope - some will be tweeting or Facebooking from Asilomar.  We'll remind people to be thoughtful of those stuck in snow and go light on pictures of the Pacific Ocean sunsets.

If you won't be with us next week (or even if you are) block your calendar off for Jan. 28-Feb 1, 2013 when we will be gathering on the beach in Florida for the second Institute.  Hopefully our scholarship fund will have $100,000 in it instead of $15,000.  Maybe we will be able to live stream instead of tape record, and 600 of us will gather instead of 375.  The Institute is a beginning, not an ending.  How can we continue to nurture and strengthen excellence in ministry through continuing education and colleagiality?  That is our challenge as we serve and support each other and the world. 

Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director, UUMA
Whose Are We Manual Now Available
Many of you have experienced the Whose Are We? program in your chapters and some will do so soon.  For those who haven't had the chance or who did not get a copy of the participant manual, we have put a version on the website.  Click here to access it. (Remember to be logged on to uuma.org so the links will work!)  Laurel Hallman and Burton Carley have agreed to lead a UUMA-sponsored General Assembly workshop on Whose Are We? and we have begun conversations with the UUA about creating a version of Whose Are We? for congregations.  Three chapters will be awarded $3000 each for best participation in our Whose Are We? sermon and essay contest beginning on April 1.  Look for more information in the coming weeks. 
Did you miss the UUMA Winter Newsletter?
We've been told that sometimes the emails we send you don't always make it to your eyes.  In case you missed the UUMA Winter newsletter last week click here to learn about the speakers at the 25/50 service, the agenda for Ministry Days in Charlotte, news about your first permanent Executive Director and the latest from the coaching/mentoring task force.

Janette Is Doing Well!  (And Don is surviving too.)

Janette left for her five-week sabbatical on Sunday.  Despite instructions to forget the UUMA and have a great time away, she checked in this week to let me know she made it to Germany and is looking forward to lots of things including singing in at least one Unitarian congregation.  She returns to the office on February 28. Your patience with your single staff member until then (and for both of us a few days after) is greatly appreciated!

Be In Touch! Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!
Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.
Rev. Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director
Email: executivedirector@uuma.org
Phone: 617-848-0416
Fax: 617-848-8122

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