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December 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 11
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Dear UUMA Member,
I know it's a cliche but it's true.  The years go by faster as one gets older.  Someone said it's because a year when you are 52 is 1/52th of your life but a year when you are 20 is only 1/20th of you life.   I'm not sure about the whys but it just can't be possible that tomorrow is December once again. 

Where did the year go?  The same place every year goes.  Filed away in our memory banks (I know those don't work as well when we get older too) with joys and sorrows, unrealized dreams and unexpected surprises.  As ministers we are uniquely privileged to walk with people as they celebrate and sometimes grieve the days and years of their lives.

In the parish we get to re-celebrate those sacred December holidays with traditions and - once in awhile - innovations that may become next year's tradition.  In hospitals and homeless shelters we know that the sick and lonely may need and want a little more of our time and prayers.  In the institutions we serve whether they be the UUA, the UUMA, a university or a private practice, the pace and the ministry is a bit different this time of year.  And when we retire we remember those days of December ministry and we say a prayer of thanksgiving for the lives that we were invited to be part of.

No matter where our ministry takes us this time of year may we remember the blessings and joys more than the curses and sorrows.  And be grateful that we have the breath to still complain about how fast time slips away.   Thank you for the gift of your ministry to the world and especially each one of us.
Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director, UUMA
UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence in Ministry - Tomorrow is the last day to register!
Great friends.  Great views.  Great worship.  Great opportunities for learning and growing.  The first UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence starts in 69 days.  But you have only one day left to register and join over 350 colleagues for a very special week.  Registrations cannot and will not be accepted after December 1.   Click here to register.   If you have any questions about the status of your registration please email Janette.  If you have program or schedule questions please email Don.

Feedback requested for the UUMA Standards of Professional Practice!
The UUMA's Guidelines Revision Committee encourages everyone to take the time to review the Standards of Professional Practice that are being studied this year and will be voted on at our annual meeting next June.  We are encouraging members to check with their chapter leaders to see if or how there is a process for giving feedback as a chapter and/or individually fill out the online survey.  Everyone is encouraged to click here to review the study documents and review the survey.  Feedback is requested by January 30 so changes and suggestions can be incorporated in time for presentation at the annual meeting. 

Help us learn about out membership - update your UUMA Profile.
We value what you do!  By knowing our membership better we can provide more directed support to your ministry and better distribute information and resources.  To this end, we have added new fields to your membership profile.  If you have provided information about your ministry in the past the fields will indicate your responses.  Please take a minute to review and update the new fields so that we might know more about our membership. Do you have an idea for additional custom fields - let us know!

*** The fields can be edited through the Edit Bio Tab (found on the Manage Profile Screen) and will not appear on your bio screen until they contain information. ***  Contact administrator@uuma.org if you need help (or if it would be easier for us to update the information from the back end - we're here to help!)

The new fields are:
  • Ministry Percentage:(single select)
    Full Time, Part Time, Yoked Ministry, Retired, Other
  • Ministry Percentage Description:
    Use this to give the direct percentage or to elaborate on the percentage of your ministry.
  • Ministry Setting: (multiple select)
    Community, Intern, Interim, Music, Parish,  Religious Education, Retired, Other
  • Ministry Setting Description:
    Use this to elaborate on your ministry setting.
  • Mailing Preference:
    Use this to let us know if you would like to receive paper copies of the UUMA mailings.

Be In Touch! Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!
Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.
Rev. Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director
Email: executivedirector@uuma.org
Phone: 617-848-0416
Fax: 617-848-8122

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