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September 2010- Vol 1, Issue 8

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UUMA Members are invited to attend the following upcoming Conferences.  Click on the title for more information:

UU HISTORY & HERITAGECONVOCATION : Connecting OurDiverse Histories to Our Living HeritagePartnersin Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage with Unitarian Universalist CollegiumOctober 7-10.

LREDA FALL CON 2010: Transforming the Jericho Road    New Orleans, LA October 22–25.

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Dear UUMA Member
So...are you all rested and raring to go as the congregational year gets rolling? This was my first summer as a community minister which meant one week of vacation instead of four. While things were definitely a little slower at the UUMA in July and August my to do list seems even longer.

This summer the topic of clergy health and burnout found its way into a few newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times. Click here to read one of them. Working long hours, neglecting to take good care of our bodies and spirits, being too busy or "important" to take regular time off is not unique to ministers of course. But, for me at least, it does not seem consistent with the callings we have answered. We are called by and to many things but I hope they all contain a sense of the holy, of a wholeness, which over-stressed, over-tired, over-weight, bodies and spirits don't best represent.

So what do we do? Those of you have figured this all out, who have mastered the balance of work and life please tell those of us who often struggle (like yours truly) how to do it. This month I filled out thenew Choose Health survey from our UUA health plan and learned about some of the resources available to us. (Email Jim Sargent, the UUA Health Plan Director for more information about the program.) I have been begun talking with with UUA staff, the Executive Committee and some of you on what we can offer to help us deal better with the stresses, the challenges of ministry. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

The new congregational year brings a burst of excitement and energy...even for those of us who are not serving congregations. New ideas, new programs, new people, new possibilities...and new opportunities to create and touch that which gives and sustains life. Let us make sure that life includes ours.
Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director, UUMA
Help save paper and postage - renew your membership online!
You can now renew your membership through the UUMA.ORG website. To help with the process we have created the first UUMA webcast to walk you through it. Click Here to view the 5 minute presentation or follow these quick and easy steps:
  1. Log on to your member account.
  2. Navigate to the Membership link under the ‘My Profile” menu (located screen right). Or Click Here.
  3. Click on Securely Renew My Membership.
  4. Select your membership level (based on Salary & Housing) and double check your billing information.
  5. Select Bill-Me or Pay by Credit Card.
  6. Bill-Me: Print the invoice on the confirmation screen and mail in a check or credit card number. Your membership will not be renewed until we receive and process your payment.
  7. Credit Card: Follow directions on how to enter your credit card information.
Renewal System Updates:
  • Auto-Bill: ALL Members who renew online using a credit card will be set up for Auto-Bill. The auto bill will automatically charge your dues one year from the day you make your first renewal. If you renew on Sept 1 for 2010-11, the system will charge your card the same amount on Sept 1, 2011 for the 2011-12 year. If you wish to disable this you can easily do so through the membership info page (under the My Profile Menu).

  • Discount Codes: If you belong to another professional organization which is necessary to your ministry you may use a discount code to deduct a portion of your dues. If you use a discount code please upload proof of your membership into your 'Files & Links' (also located under the My Profile Menu). Click here for a list of discount codes.

  • Payment Plans: The website is not set up to automatically do payment plans for dues. If you wish to have your dues broken into payments please use the 'Bill Me' option when renewing. Print the invoice and include a credit card number in the payment section. We will charge cards on the 15th of each month. Because all dues must be paid by June 30 your number of payments will be determined by the date we receive your renewal. (For example: If we receive it before Sept 15 you will have 10 payments). Sorry, but we can not accept checks in the payment plan.

  • One-Time Financial Hardship Waivers: If you are experiencing a financial hardship you may request a one-time waiver with no questions asked. Please use care in selecting this option (under Membership options) as the waivers are limited to one per member.
UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence in Ministry filling up fast - UUMA Scholarship deadline is this WEDNESDAY!
Over 300 people have registered for the first UUMA CENTER Institute for Excellence in Ministry at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA. What are you waiting for?! Click here to register.

The UUMA has some very limited scholarship funds still available. The deadline for submitting applications is September 1, this Wednesday. Click here for more information.

If you already paid and registered for the Institute you will receive an email advising you of your seminar assignment this week. Pre-conference registration packets will be sent out in December. Please contact Don Southworth if you have any questions.
New Year, New Website, New Training!
The new and improved UUMA website went "live" in May. Many of you have taken advantage of the easier way to update your profile information and schedule chapter retreats, some of you have started using the group features to connect more easily with local colleagues and hundreds of you have quickly and easily registered for the CENTER Institute. Janette will be hosting webinars the week of September 20 for one to two leaders from each chapter to share some of the many features and possibilities of the websites. We are planning on hosting monthly webinars on the website and other important and meaningful topics throughout the year. Stayed tuned for more details.

Be In Touch! Please share your questions, feedback and ideas!
Thank you for your service in the world and for your commitment and passion for ministry.
Rev. Don Southworth
Acting Executive Director
Email: executivedirector@uuma.org
Phone: 617-848-0416
Fax: 617-848-8122

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